You can finally create and enjoy the designer swimming pool of your dreams.

You Deserve The Designer Swimming Pool Of Your Dreams

As the seasons change, we begin to miss those sweet summer nights and rays of sunshine for hours on end. One of the best activities over these warm months is swimming in your pool. The second-best activity? Poolside lounging, of course. If you don’t have a pool or want your pool redone, take a mental vacation from the cold and come up with ideas for your dream designer swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if your yard is narrow, wide, small, or big. Every outdoor space deserves a gorgeous, enjoyable, designer swimming pool to dive into each summer.


Choose Your Designer Swimming Pool Features


With your own designer swimming pool, you choose the features you’ve always wanted. You will decide the basic features such as the size, style, design, and type of pool to complete your outdoor living space. After those major factors have been selected, you can move into additional features such as lights, surrounding aesthetics, additional water features in or near the pool, patio, and patio furniture. These elements will give your designer swimming pool a fuller look and style.


Family Fun Designer Swimming Pool For Everyone


You don’t have to give up an elegant design in order to appease your family’s needs. A waterpark-like experience for the kids can be accomplished by any exceptional designer swimming pool company. If your space allows it, go big! Rounded edges are great for children and playtime in the pool. Adding features like small islands, waterfalls, and stones to surround your pool edges will look stylish to the adults and appealing to the kids.


Modern, Moonlight Swim With A Palm Springs Feel


If you have a smaller yard, consider a modern designer swimming pool. A small, rectangular pool can be great for exercise, lounging and evening swims. You can add a raised side corner wall to level with your patio. This could make for a more natural, easy transition from inside your home to the pool. By walking outside your own home during those hot days, you can feel like you’re in Palm Springs. The epitome of refinement and leisure with the splash of sleek, modern design.


Tropical Lights


Dive deeper into the tropical vibes during those warm, breezy days. With a designer swimming pool like this, you can include waterfalls, hardscapes, and unique landscaping to bring the tropics to life in your outdoor living space. One amazing feature to consider for those evening swims is lighting. Install lights in your pool and around your hardscape features (i.e. outdoor kitchen, hot tub, retaining wall, pergola, etc.). Lights always set the mood for your evenings outdoors, and you will love every second spent in your beautiful pool.




Most Americans have either had a pool growing up or always wanted their family to get one. Don’t waste any time wishing, hoping or praying for your dream yard. Make it happen with Seasonal Landscape. We love collaborating and creating your dream designer swimming pool and outdoor living space. Call us today and find out more about our services!