Retaining Walls

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Protecting Your Property From Itself

Retaining Walls

The world is not made up of level ground. There are grades, both steep and shallow, that are everywhere you go. Your home relies on the ground to stay standing, but erosion and time are working against you. That is where retaining walls come in. Retaining walls can not only help protect your home and property from damage, but add a layer of elegance and beauty to your yard. They can improve the usable space and create privacy barriers. They can be incorporated into home and patio design, marrying form and function. We can protect your home and make it look gorgeous in one move. And as a Unilock approved contractor, we are deploying the best in retaining wall technology. Check the video to see the difference.

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Expanding Your Living Space

Hills To Hangout

Your house came with a small patio or deck built around the natural lay of your property. It is time to take back your property.

Create more space by adding retaining walls to turn a hilly section into your outdoor hangout spot. They expand the area with a brick paver patio from the same stone, creating a beautiful and seamless outdoor living space.

Walkways and Water Features

Carving A Path

Perhaps you have a deck that walks down to a lower area of the yard, avoiding a small hillock. We want to use the natural shape of that hillock, and a couple retaining walls, to cut a walkway or path right into the earth itself.

By combining both retaining walls and flowing paver stone, you craft a natural, but stunning, transition from your interior to exterior. Add in low maintenance softscaping and a few seating style retaining walls, and you have a wonderful zen garden to call your own.

Have the Hill Your Way

Tiered Gardens

Perhaps there is a building on your property where the ground slopes away. A retaining wall can assist in defining the base of that building as well as providing an elegant place for greenery.

With a base retaining wall, you create the illusion of the building extending down the hill and into it, crafting a larger than life persona. Meanwhile, the reduction of hard-to-care-for ground space is a boon to your landscaping crew.


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