Brick Paver Patios

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Classic Style. Modern Construction.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Durable & Long Lasting

Eliminates Pesky Weeds Growing Through

Paving with brick has been around as long as roads or floors have been needed. The look is classy and elegant, but historically, brick paver patios were unreliable long term and costly to maintain. Not any more. Modern brick paver patios utilize combinations of semi-permeable base layers, heat treated and cured brick, and unique polymer grouting to create a patio that is not only beautiful, but built to last. No more weeds popping through or needing to re-stain the deck every other year. Instead, you can enjoy a low maintenance paver patio with a 10 year guarantee. In addition, as a certified Unilock installer, you can trust that your bricks are made with precision and care. Check out the video to see the Unilock paver stones difference.

Brick Paver Patio Examples

Patio Kitchen & Dining

Live & Play Outside

People love 2 things: conversation and food. Seasonal Landscape can help bring this together with a custom outdoor kitchen patio.

Combining several traditional elements with modern amenities, this brick paver patio comes loaded with fridge, grill, lighting, stovetop, pergolas, and stone countertops. Perfect for that summer BBQ host.

Durable, rustic design

Easy to clean and maintain

Includes electrical and plumbing

Custom Brick Paver Patio by Seasonal Landscape

Peaceful Patio

Focus Yourself Within Rings of Stone

Perhaps you are looking for your own fortress of solitude. A comfortable place tucked into the center of your busy world. Look no further.

This brick paver patio comes equipped with a hot tub and a babbling brook style water feature. Add in the comfortable seating and a portable fire pit, and you have a sanctuary to call your own.

Style through simplicity

Insulated plumbing for hot tub and water feature

Edge landscaping to emphasize the cozy space

The Party Patio

The Host With The Most

Infusing brick and wood is just where this patio starts. Expanding interlocked circles create a large footprint without wasted corner space. Designed with large groups in mind.

The pergola creates a shaded grilling and chilling area while removing itself from the dining area, opening up space for separate gathering areas. Add the retaining walls for an intimate touch and you have the most party worthy of all brick paver patios.

Open and casual design

Wood and Brick entwined for dynamic contrast

Extends the feel of the house without consuming the yard

Custom Brick Paver Patio by Seasonal Landscape
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