Composite Decks

Extend Your Usable Living Space

Not every home is patio ready. Some have drainage problems and others don’t have a good level yard. Or perhaps you don’t like the look or feel of stone or brick. Wooden or composite decks have always been a reliable choice for outdoor living extensions.

Decks are also super flexible and easy to incorporate into your existing property, regardless of grade, height, or features. Want to hide that above ground pool or jacuzzi? Or maybe you want to extend that second story view from your walkdown second floor. Either way, composite decks make this a beautiful and affordable solution.

Custom Composite Deck by Seasonal Landscape

Composite Deck Examples

Wraparound Deck

Level Ground Not Required

From no convenient outdoor living space, to a multi entrance show stopper, this deck shows just how flexible composite decks can be.

Creating an entire out room that connect both the driveway and the rear sliding door, this also provides a create view and looks great doing it.

  • Function & Form
  • Eliminates maintenance on tricky graded ground while making it useful space
  • Adds an extended view and easily accessible outdoor living space

Summer Night Getaway

Don’t Stop When the Sun Goes Down

Some people just want to live outside. This is the deck for them. A multi-tiered mixture of wooden and composite decks, infused with stone and an extended pavillion, the fun only starts there.

Add in a built in grill, mounted lighting, running lights, an outdoor TV, and a hot tub, and you might just have the best getaway this side of heaven.

  • Complete lighting for after hours
  • Seamlessly integrating several amenities
  • Running lights and stepdown paver patio expand and enhance the deck itself

Second Story View

And a Lot of Storage Too

Chances are, your home came with a small walkout deck to a ground level patio, but that second story view is just too good to waste. A wooden deck can keep your horizon and create a lot of extra space as well.

This deck adds so much extra home space without the repeated use of stairs and simultaneously creates space for all those extra outdoor tools that need a place to stay.

  • Improved the view and living space quality
  • Tons of extra storage space
  • Reduces difficulty of lawn care on graded surface

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Wooden or composite decks can compliment and even enhance the original features of your property and we would love to show you how you can start enjoying your space in a whole new way.

Please, if you have any questions on the services or options at Seasonal Landscape, please fill out the form below and we will be with you very quickly.