Chicago’s Planting Guide: Excellent Plant Ideas For Each Season

Welcome to Chicago’s Seasonal Planting Guide!

Are you interested in adding some seasonal flair to your garden?

Well, you are located in or around the greater Chicago area. In that case, we have an excellent planting guide for keeping your garden looking beautiful every time of year.

By selecting these plants based on their hardiness and blooming periods, you can be sure your outdoor space looks fantastic each season.

So read on as we bring you an overview of what to plant when – plus a few extra tips for making sure your greenery is picture-perfect all year round!

Spring is the ideal season to plant in Chicago

Spring is considered the ideal season to plant in Chicago for several reasons in our planting guide.

According to experts from Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory, the weather starts improving in April, with average temperatures ranging from a high of 56 °F to a low of 43 °F.

This milder climate provides favorable conditions for plants to establish their root systems and thrive.

Additionally, the cool and damp spring in Chicago has its benefits, as it encourages many plants to bloom simultaneously, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape.

Perennial flowers like phlox, salvia, and daylilies are highly recommended for plant selection.

These hardy plants come back year after year and require less maintenance.

By planting them in the spring, they have ample time to establish strong roots and prepare for the hot summers that Chicago often experiences.

It’s important to note that early spring plants and trees should be planted while still dormant to strengthen their root systems before the rainy season begins.

Overall, spring in Chicago offers optimal weather conditions and a variety of plant options, making it an ideal season for gardening enthusiasts to showcase their green thumbs.

summertime seasonal planting guide

Summer planting guide for plants that can withstand the heat

Planting in the summer in Chicago presents a unique set of challenges due to the region’s hot and humid climate.

With average temperatures reaching 85 °F or more for highs, selecting plants that can withstand the intense heat and potential drought conditions is crucial.

Heat-tolerant annuals such as marigolds, zinnias, and petunias are popular choices for summer planting in Chicago.

These resilient plants have adapted to thrive in the heat, requiring less water and maintenance.

Additionally, selecting native plants well-suited for the local climate can provide better chances of success during the scorching summer months.

These plants have evolved to withstand the natural variations in temperature and rainfall, making them more resilient to the Chicago heat.

Proper watering techniques and mulching are also essential to retain moisture in the soil and protect the plants from excessive evaporation.

Planting heat-tolerant and native species ensures a beautiful and vibrant garden even amid Chicago’s sweltering summers.

Fall is also a great season to plant in Chicago

Our planting guide has fall is a fantastic season to plant in Chicago for several compelling reasons.

As the summer heat wanes, average temperatures in September range from 70 °F to 80 °F, providing a comfortable and favorable environment for newly planted vegetation.

The cooler temperatures of autumn help reduce plant stress while allowing their root systems to establish and grow strong.

Additionally, the soil tends to retain more moisture during the fall, which aids in root development and promotes healthy growth.

Fall planting also allows ample time for plants to acclimate before the harshness of winter sets in.

By planting in the fall, gardeners can take advantage of end-of-season sales at nurseries, offering various plants at discounted prices.

It’s worth noting that perennials, shrubs, and trees are particularly suited for fall planting in Chicago, as they benefit from the extended period to establish their roots and prepare for the upcoming spring bloom.

Overall, the mild weather, favorable soil conditions, and access to discounted plants make fall an ideal season for planting in Chicago.

wintertime planting guide

Winter planting guide for the perfect indoor garden

During the wintertime in Chicago, when the temperatures drop and snow blankets the ground, it is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of an indoor garden.

With the harsh winter conditions outdoors, cultivating an indoor garden allows you to bring nature inside and enjoy the vibrant colors, fresh scents, and calming greenery year-round.

Indoor plants provide visual appeal and contribute to improved air quality by filtering toxins and increasing humidity levels.

They can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, bringing a touch of nature to your indoor spaces.

As you admire your indoor garden, take the time to care for your plants, tending to their needs and observing their growth.

This season offers a chance to explore various plant varieties that thrive indoors, such as succulents, ferns, spider plants, and pothos.

Whether arranging plants in decorative pots, creating a hanging garden, or dedicating a corner to a lush foliage display, wintertime is an ideal period in Chicago to embrace the joys of indoor gardening.


It is knowing what to plant and when is crucial in creating a beautiful garden.

With this guide, you can have a garden that thrives every season in Chicago.

Planting vegetables, flowers, and herbs can be an enjoyable adventure in spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Just remember to plan ahead, and you can have a garden that will make your home beautiful and inviting.

Remember to contact Seasonal Landscape Solutions to create the perfect seasonal garden experience.