The best combination you could find is a hot tub on a paver patio. It's beautiful, strong and resilient.

The Best Combo: A Hot Tub On A Paver Patio

You’ve finally decided to get the hot tub you’ve always wanted. It’s an exciting outdoor feature to add to your living space. You will be able to relax in your hot tub at any time of day, night and time of the year. After you’ve decided what style of tub to purchase, the next decision is where you will install it. You’ve probably seen people with their hot tub on a paver patio, wood deck, crushed stone, or even a prefabricated spa pad.


Where should you place your hot tub? Maybe you want it in a place in your yard that is serene and surrounded by your beautiful landscape, or maybe you simply want it close to your back door for easy access. Whatever the case may be, there are other factors that will go into your location decision. The most important factor is what material is best for the hot tub to settle on. One of your options is to install your hot tub on a paver patio.


Consider This Crucial Factor: Water Weight


When your hot tub has been shipped to your home, it will only weigh a few hundred pounds on its own. Without water inside, it could sit anywhere you’d like without a serious problem. However, the trouble comes when you start pouring water into it. Your hot tub goes from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. Even your yard as is cannot handle this weight alone. This means that it requires a base with adequate support because you want your hot tub to hold water and people without damage occurring.  A paver patio can handle this weight. Installing your hot tub on a paver patio brings your whole outdoor living space together in perfect harmony.


The Beauty Of A Hot Tub On A Paver Patio


A hot tub on a paver patio stands the test of time. With almost any other base solution, you will eventually have bigger issues to fix. Concrete slabs cannot handle water seepage and disintegrate over time. They are one of the most unstable and worst solutions for your hot tub base. Timber decking requires reinforcement and meticulous design to carry the weight alone. Plus, it needs annual maintenance since it degrades over time. The list goes on.


Your entire outdoor living space can be enhanced with your hot tub on a paver patio. They are durable, offer easy access, and the design possibilities are endless. They are economical, modular, and reliable. One of the best aspects of a hot tub on a paver patio is that you will be able to use it immediately after installation.




With installation, your contractor must take into account drainage, soil conditions, load requirements, paver style and thickness of materials. When there are load bearing requirements, you’ll want professional installation. You could get into all sorts of trouble if you decide to install DIY-style your hot tub on a paver patio. At Seasonal Landscape, you can spend your time relaxing rather than installing your hot tub or paver patio. We have plenty of design and material options for you to choose from. Give us a call, and we can start creating your dream outdoor living space today!