Pergolas vs. gazebos - which one is best for your backyard needs?

Pergolas vs. Gazebos: Which Is Better?

When you want a structure in your outdoor living space, most have to decide between two: pergolas vs. gazebos. There are pros and cons to each outdoor structure, so it ends up being a matter of what you need and want to gain out of it. Both pergolas and gazebos can be customized to your unique yard space and desired design. That evens out the playing field a little bit between these two options. Let’s break down the differences between these structures and the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an educated decision that will best serve you and your outdoor living needs. 


In The Choice Between Pergolas Vs. Gazebos:

Let’s Start With Pergolas 


A pergola was initially designed to define a specific area in your outdoor living space. It’s typically rectangular containing rafters on the top and cross beams within the structure. Between pergolas vs. gazebos, these structures allow air, rain, and sun through. With pergolas, you can cover the top to make shade in creative ways with fabric or vines. You have the option to leave it open too. This is a beautiful addition to your garden and/or the grounds of your home. Pergolas can be created out of brick, vinyl, stone, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. The price point of a pergola will be dependent on what materials you decide to use. 



  • Variety of shade options 
  • Typically less expensive
  • Adds value to your home and property
  • Easier to change the exterior look or color
  • Can be built over other structure or even an existing deck 
  • Great addition to an outdoor kitchen
  • Defines space in your yard and a seating space without walls or definitive boundaries. It creates flow in your yard that is appealing to guests. 




  • Don’t offer complete shade
  • No protection from outdoor elements or insects
  • Need more maintenance over time
  • An open structure means less privacy 
  • Restricted design options because they are typically round or rectangular


Our Next Option:

Here Is What Gazebos Offer


Gazebos are stand-alone structures that are typically round, hexagonal or octagonal shape. They have a closed domed roof and floor, and have the option of open sides or walls with windows. Between pergolas vs. gazebos, these structures are often more elaborate in style and decorative. You have the option of materials to utilize such as aluminum, vinyl, and even wrought iron. A gazebo is intended to be used for gatherings like dining or relaxation. It’s a designated area that typically hold around 8-12 people; however, with a commercial gazebo you can host large events. You will be able to stay outdoors with bad weather in your gazebo. Gazebos offer protection from sun, rain, and wind. So, it’s time to enjoy a meal outdoors with your loved ones in this beautiful structure. 




  • Offers protection from the elements and shade
  • Contains floor and roof in structure
  • Options for screening to keep out those insects 
  • Adds value to your home
  • Variety of styles and materials to choose from 
  • Option to run electricity to your gazebo 
  • Offers privacy
  • Extremely sturdy and smaller risks of being damaged by bad weather




  • Expensive
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Requires more complicated permits
  • Uses more space in your yard
  • Typically more difficult to build
  • Prefab gazebos aren’t built to last
  • Steel gazebos become extremely hot and wood gazebos need regular maintenance 


Pergolas vs. Gazebos


In the fight between pergolas vs. gazebos, neither one is necessarily better than the other. They are both great options, you just have to choose which option will best serve your outdoor living needs. If you are still unsure of which one to choose, call Seasonal Landscape to consult with a professional. With all of our years of experience, we can you come to a satisfying conclusion on whether a pergola or gazebo is best for you. We love being creative with our craft and making fresh new designs that will fit your needs. Call us today!