13 Landscaping Ideas for 2021

Top 13 Best Landscaping Ideas to Consider in 2022

Picture this: you’ve just moved into your new home, and after some renovations, nearly everything is perfect. You’ve re-done the bedrooms and bathrooms, you have a spacious living room, and the windows and drapes all let in the light beautifully.

However, when you look out at your garden, the view is far less inspiring. Maybe the plants are all wilting.

Or maybe there’s a lot of space, but there aren’t enough paths, gardens, or furniture that make it seem like somewhere you want to wander out to.

Whatever the problem, you need landscaping ideas to fix it. But how do you get started? 

If you plan many garden parties or enjoy spending time in your backyard, it can be frustrating to not know how to fix up your space.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with the solution you need. In this article, you’ll find out about the latest landscaping trends of 2022.

Finally, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden in full bloom. Read on to learn more.

1. Outdoor Living Areas

Recently, one of the most popular trends to emerge in 2020 and 2021 is outdoor living areas. Because many people are spending more time outside and socially distancing, many people are turning their backyard into a play area, dining room, or living room.

If you want to continue to enjoy your outdoor space the way that so many people have been, it can help to add a polished or stained concrete floor to an area of your lawn you aren’t using. 

You could also install a pergola or gazebo. This adds a romantic touch to your yard without making it necessary to permanently place some concrete on the grass. 

With an outdoor living area, you can take things further by installing an outdoor pizza kitchen, weatherproof furniture, or a firepit.

You can even install an audio system or outdoor TV if you want to entertain on warm summer evenings.

2. Choosing Native Plants

If your landscaping project budget is a bit on the lower side, this is a great trend to take advantage of. By choosing native plants instead of planting foreign ones, you can easily find them at a decent price at any nearby gardening store.

It’s also far less work to take care of these plants because they’ll thrive in the sun conditions, drought, wind, and rainfall they’re used to. They’ll also be hardier when it comes to fighting off diseases and pests.

Of course, just because you’re going native, it doesn’t mean that your backyard needs to look like the jungle.

Organize your garden with different plants in different areas, choosing colors that complement each other to make your backyard beautiful.

3. Wandering Paths

If you have a small backyard, you can make it seem larger by adding wandering paths throughout, leading visitors to different areas, such as the dining area or a little garden where you’ve planted your favorite flowers. A great choice is flat rocks.

These will look natural and also add a zen vibe to your garden. Consider adding a patio or pergola that the paths wander to and from so that your backyard feels like its own little world.

4. The Classic Garden Swing

Another great idea for landscaping is installing the classic garden swing in your backyard.

If you want to really make it look idyllic, we recommend placing it on some flat rocks and surrounding it with flowers. You can also create a path leading toward it from your back door.

5. Multi-Seasonal Colors

When it comes to ideas for gardens, multi-season colors are all the rage. Instead of choosing flowers that only bloom in spring or summer, or trees that only have foliage when it isn’t cold, find plants that have colors all year round. 

In the winter, it helps to have a splash of color to lift your mood. With these types of plants, you can escape the gloom.

6. Wooden Patio

If you want to go for a sleek, modern look, or you have an uneven backyard, installing a wooden patio out back can be the perfect solution. You can get creative by adding different levels to the patio and dividing it into different sections.

A tip? If you don’t want to have to bother with too much regular garden maintenance, you can build the patio around some of your trees that are already growing in your backyard.

That way, you won’t have to install any flowerbeds or bushes on the edge of the patio. Instead, you’re using the trees you already have as plant decoration.

7. Flower-Covered Pergola

Many people choose to plant their flowers in flowerbeds or have them growing from bushes down in their backyard. But if you want to get creative, you can put up a pergola and have flowers grow up through it. Roses make it look incredibly romantic.

If you want to add to the atmosphere, even more, you could place a small dining room under the pergola, adding candles or small lights to make it like an outdoor seating area at a fancy restaurant.

Landscaping ideas for pergolas

8. Vertical Gardens

Another vertical idea is growing a vertical garden. Especially if you have a small backyard that doesn’t have much space, this can add decoration without taking up too much horizontal space. To do this, find a wall, and then build a frame against it.

Next, add some plastic sheeting to the back, so that the wall is protected from rainwater. Then, you can use the latest landscaping tools to install an irrigation system. 

The best plants to use for a vertical garden include lemon balm, Boston ivy, honeysuckle, and succulents. Be aware that Boston ivy can cause allergic reactions, so check to be sure no one in your family is allergic.

9. Blooming Driveway

When thinking about landscaping ideas, many people focus on making their backyard beautiful.

But they don’t actually think much about the front of their home, which means that often, color and a welcoming presence are lacking. 

You can change this by planting large blooms on the side of your driveway. Choose bushes that flower or flowers with tall stems such as mauve nepata Grandiflora or purple wallflowers to greet your guests with a blast of color.

10. Nutritious Plants

A great way to brighten up your garden while making use of it is by planting nutritious plants in it. You could even divide it up by type, creating an aesthetic with the rows of different types parallel to each other.

Edible plants you can easily grow include cucumbers, peas, herbs, and tomatoes. You also get creative with the aesthetic by mixing these plants with ones that aren’t edible, for example, colorful flowers.

11. Container Gardening

If you have a smaller space, then container gardening can add a touch of class to your backyard without taking up too much room. In terms of containers, you can choose classic ceramic, a cozy woven basket look, or sleek metal.

There are many types of plants you can plant in your containers, which gives you flexibility in terms of aesthetics.

For example, you could plant tropicals like crotons, elephant ears, canna, and caladiums if you want a more jungle-like vibe. Other options include small trees like olives, Japanese maples, and crape myrtles.

Citrus and dwarf fruit trees will add a splash of color. If you want to keep it simple, go with a small shrub.

12. Flowers for Pollinators

If you want to help out the bee population and enjoy having beautiful flowers all around your garden, you can plant flowers for pollinators. Flower options include Helleborus niger, Geranium phaeum, and crocus.

Additional flowers for pollinators are the Dahlia Blue Bayou and Aster novae-Anglia Helen Picton. These are a great choice because they bloom later into the year, providing bees with more sustenance.

13. Bricks and Stone

For a classic, old-fashioned look, add brick and stone to your garden. A garden wall, especially, will create the effect of being enclosed in your own little secret garden. Add some ivy and you’ll feel like you’re in an old European castle.

If you don’t want to build an entire wall, you can also use bricks or stones to create a patio or pathway in your backyard. This will create the effect of making your backyard feel like a fancy restaurant if you add a table or two.

Need More Landscaping Ideas and Tips?

Now that you’ve learned about the top landscaping ideas to consider in 2022, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to learn about which plant colors would work best in your backyard. Call Seasonal Landscape Solutions today to create some amazing landscape ideas for your backyard.