When creating your dream backyard oasis, consider the types of pergolas as an addition.

3 Tips For The Best Types Of Pergolas

By adding embellishments to your property, you can certainly add more time outdoors with loved ones, celebrate special moments, and increase value to your home. One of the more popular additions people choose for their outdoor living space is a pergola. There are various types of pergolas out there, but they are hardscape features that provide shelter, shade, and can act as a focal point or central location in your landscaping. With countless materials and styles to peruse through, it’s important to know the types of pergolas that will best suit your family’s needs.  


 What Is A Pergola?


In a broad sense, a pergola is an outdoor frame structure customized to your liking in style and function. The purpose of having a pergola added to your outdoor living space varies widely. Some want a roofing grid that can be left open outside for breeze, while others simply want more privacy or shade extending from their home into their outdoor sitting or dining area. The basic structure of this hardscape is built from posts covered with a roof. There are endless designs, styles, structural materials, additional features, and other variables that must be chosen to customize your pergola.  


Decisions, Decisions


If you are looking for a customizable focal point in your outdoor living space, then a pergola may be the perfect addition. They can either be a stand-alone feature or a continuance of your home. The most common function of all types of pergolas is extending your living space with a cool and shaded area. When used as a stand-alone feature, they typically function as a dining or outdoor entertainment area. Pergolas are not only great for creating shade, but also for designating private areas on your property in style.  


As mentioned previously, there are several decisions that will go into creating and designing your customized pergola. First, you’ll need to decide what function you’ll want it to play in your outdoor living space. You’ll also need to decipher whether it will be a continuance from your home or a stand-alone focal feature. Do you want it to primarily function for shade or privacy purposes?   Next, you’ll want to consider what type of entertainment or activities you’ll want underneath your pergola. This will help you rule out a few styles and material choices in different types of pergolas out there. For example, if you want it over a deck, around a swimming pool, or protect your outdoor kitchen; a professional will be able to recommend the best materials and outline realistic dimension choices on your behalf.  


With different types of pergolas, you’ll get different styles and designs. If you want a pergola over your floating deck, you’ll have a simply beautiful and straightforward structure. Pergolas can act as a hot tub cover, and you don’t have to wait for vines to grow to create additional shade. You can install features like shade cloth that can cut a percentage of UV light. They can act as a private, intimate sealing to your patio dining area. If you want something elegant with a splash of Mediterranean feel, your pergola can complement your pool. Whatever your needs are, everything is customizable to your looking and necessity. That’s the true beauty of the various types of pergolas out there.  




Whether you’re looking for a cocktail enclosure or a shaded pathway, it’s best to consult with a professional regarding the countless types of pergolas to choose from. With a trusted contractor on your side, they’ll be able to steer you in the right direction to help your dreams become a reality in your outdoor living space. At Seasonal Landscape, we prioritize our client’s needs and overall vision in every detail within a single project. It is our duty to provide services and products that will last for years to come. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!