Pergola Canopy

A Pergola Canopy for Shade and Style

A pergola canopy brings strength and beauty to your backyard. With a patio umbrella canopy, it only takes a windy day to ruin your shade and relaxation. These structures can add island vibes to your backyard, or make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy in an instant. Have your outdoor kitchen, bar, dining area, fire pit, fireplace, or even a couple hammocks underneath your pergola. Canopy landscaping can bring beauty and shade together. It’s the perfect balance of the indoors and outdoors, so it truly is perfect for everyone! There are a plentiful amount of styles to choose from, and we love designing pergola canopies from modern to classic to romantic and more.

Pergola Canopy designed and built by Seasonal Landscape Solutions

Pergola Canopy Examples

The Covered Kitchen

Enjoying the indoors, outdoors
Pergola Canopy designed and built by Seasonal Landscape Solutions

Take your shade and outdoor activities to the next level with these strong structures. Getting that fresh air and vitamin D while reading a good book waiting for your food to finish cooking sounds ideal. It seems impossible to some, but we know it is within your reach! The outdoor kitchen canopy truly gives you the best of both worlds. It’s not only a terrific place for reading and relaxation, but also for cooking with your outdoor kitchen. Find comfort and ease while grilling underneath one of these beauties. You won’t need to squint as hard when checking that premium grilled food you’re making.

  • The ideal shade resolution for your outdoor kitchen
  • Add a bar or dining area for ease of serving your guests
  • A fan, speakers or even hammocks can rejuvenate anyone while cooking outdoors

Fire & Friends

Keep the late afternoon party going into the night
Pergola Canopy designed and built by Seasonal Landscape Solutions

If you never want the party to end, make sure you’re prepared for it to continue! Build a fireplace or fire pit under your canopy for that extra layer of warmth and comfort. All your guests will want to stay. With lighting fixtures that set the mood for your gatherings, you will finally be able to sit back and take in all the precious moments with friends and family. You also won’t have to worry about anything getting lost in the dark or the grass (if you have that brick paver patio). With a fir pit under your pergola, those summer nights can start earlier and last a lifetime. 

  • Keep the fire alive with a fireplace or fire pit to gather around with everyone you love
  • Lighting fixtures create the ultimate mood
  • A sound system set the mood for any type of gathering

Privacy Inspired Elegance

Creating a unique space in a beautiful way

Whether you enjoy the feeling of grass or wearing shoes on a level brick paver patio, these structures give you more privacy in your backyard. With a pergola archway, you can rest easy under the shade. Feel transported to a different time or place with these flawless units. Whether it’s for shade, privacy, or aesthetics, these canopies take your backyard from boring to breath-taking.

  • Design various sizes and/or multiple structures to your liking
  • Color choices create the ultimate style that you appreciate most
  • Set the stage for your intimate gatherings

Add Beauty and Function to Your Home

A Pergola Canopy can be there perfect addition to your existing patio or landscaping and at the right pricing. Find out how a pergola could impact your hardscape today!

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