6 Excellent Tips To Maintain Your Lawn During The Summer

Needing to maintain your lawn during the summer is one of the most crucial times for property owners to give attention to their lawns — especially if you’re trying to keep them in tip-top condition. 

But with extreme temperatures, heat waves, and dry spells that seem like they’ll never end, keeping your lawn healthy during the summer months can be a real challenge. 

Luckily, we have some great tips to help you take your summer lawn care routine up a notch! 

From making intelligent fertilization decisions to hiring a professional landscaper – read on to learn our six excellent tips for maintaining your luscious green turf during this scorching hot season.

Water your lawn at least every other day to ensure it stays healthy and green

Caring for your lawn is important if you want to keep it looking healthy and green, especially during the hot summer months.

One of the simplest ways to maintain its luscious appearance is by watering it regularly. Experts recommend that you water your lawn every other day, providing it with an inch of water per session.

However, to maintain your green lawn, it is important to water it early in the morning to give it enough time to dry out before the sun starts to heat up.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout the summer months.

edge your walkways as a way to maintain your lawn during the summer

Edge up any unsightly overgrown grass or weeds

Summer months are great for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. 

However, this is also when your lawn is most prone to overgrowth, which can make your yard look unsightly. 

That’s where an edger comes in. An edger is a handy tool that can help you maintain a neat and polished lawn by quickly edging unsightly overgrown grass and weeds. 

With its precise cuts, an edger allows you to trim grass along the edges of paths and flower beds, making it a perfect addition to your lawn upkeep kit. 

Using an edger, you can efficiently control the growth of wild grass and weeds so your lawn stays tidy and inviting all summer.

Feed your lawn with fertilizer in the early summer to help promote growth

Summer has rolled around, and that’s fantastic news for your lawn. Warmer weather means it’s time to start getting those green blades to sprout and grow! 

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to promote that growth is by applying a slow-release fertilizer early in the season. 

Not only can your lawn benefit from the extra nourishment, but it can help protect the grass from pests and diseases that can surface in the hot summer months. 

Be sure to choose a high-quality lawn fertilizer that includes weed control to combat unwanted growth, and remember to water your lawn thoroughly after application to help the nutrients seep into the soil. Happy growing!

aerate the soil to help maintain your lawn during the summer

Aerate the soil if needed to break up compacted sections and allow for air and water penetration

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn or garden during hot weather and drought, aeration is important.

Soil can often become compacted, and difficult for roots to penetrate and absorb nutrients and moisture.

By breaking up compacted soil, air and water can flow through the soil freely. This allows for better root growth and absorption of essential nutrients. 

Don’t let the heat and dry weather take a toll on your soil. Aerate to ensure your plants stay healthy and thriving!

Mow the grass regularly, being sure to adjust the mower height as the season progresses

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn means staying on top of your mowing game.

As the seasons change, so do your mowing habits. It’s important to adjust the height of your mower blade to prevent cutting the grass too short.

We recommend mowing high, especially in the summer months, to keep your grass strong and healthy. Plus, leaving clippings on the lawn helps enrich the soil and provide necessary nutrients.

So next time you’re out there firing up the mower, think twice before scalping your lawn and opt for a higher setting instead. Your grass will thank you.

raise the mower blades as a way to maintain your lawn during the summer

Use weed killers or herbicides to prevent weed infestation

Do you need help keeping your lawn neat and tidy, thanks to pesky weeds popping up left and right? 

Well, fear not – there’s a solution for that! Weed killers, also known as herbicides, can help prevent weed infestations and keep your lawn looking lush and green. 

Especially during times of heat and drought, weeds can quickly take over and steal your lawn’s nutrients. 

Applying weed killers at the right time can help prevent this and keep your lawn healthy. 

Choosing the right herbicides for your lawn and following the instructions carefully is essential. Still, with a little effort, you can banish those weeds and keep your lawn looking pristine.

In conclusion

Taking care of your lawn in the summer can be overwhelming, especially if you are not a pro! 

But with these great tips and tricks that we have provided, you can easily maintain your stunning outdoor space. 

Start by routinely watering your lawn, edging and trimming it up, and feeding it with fertilizer. 

You may need to aerate the soil and mow regularly too. 

Finally, don’t forget to keep weeds away with herbicides or weed killers. 

With all this in mind, summer lawn maintenance is more manageable than you may have thought!

Suppose you want a professional lawn care company to help set up a lawn maintenance schedule for the summer season. 

In that case, Seasonal Landscape Solutions has skilled technicians who will be happy to assist. So contact them today to get started!