4 Great Landscaping Seasons For Chicago

One of the many ways to spruce up your property is to do some landscaping. If you own a home or business in Chicago, you may wonder when landscaping season is.

Whether adding curb appeal with plants and trees or creating outdoor spaces for relaxed living, investing in quality landscaping can make all the difference between an averagely attractive oasis and an eye-catching paradise.

Knowing what time of year to begin thinking about landscaping your Chicago property will help ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

So when’s landscaping season in Chicagoland? Read on to find out!

Landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the spring landscaping season.

Spring is the perfect time for landscaping and hardscaping projects in Chicago after the snow melts! It’s often mild enough to get those outdoor projects underway before the summer heat makes gardening and hard labor too hot.

The soil temperature is warm enough for spring lawn seed germination. However, plants still have plenty of time to establish themselves before the hottest part of summer arrives.

Spring and early summer are also great for adding hardscaping elements. Hardscaping projects like stone pathways or patios are easy to work with when the ground is still soft.

Whether you want to do some gardening or focus on maintenance projects, spring in Chicago is an ideal time to get your yard looking its best!

Landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the summer landscaping season.

Summertime in Chicago brings warm days and maximum temperatures, making it the perfect time to tend to your outdoor landscaping.

As warm season grasses bloom and flourish, this is the prime time for a thorough summer lawn care maintenance plan.

Warm-season grasses need regular watering, mowing, and occasional fertilizing. So make sure to schedule some time for lawn care tasks!

If you’re looking for something more permanent, there are also plenty of hardscaping options you can explore. Decks, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and paver walkways are all great additions to your property. Also, consider installing an irrigation system that helps water your plants while conserving water.

Alternatively, add potted plants or garden edging near pathways or seating areas to increase your outdoor enjoyment.

With warm summer days around the corner in Chicago, it’s worth investing in sprucing up your outdoor space!

landscaping season

Landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the fall landscaping season.

If you live in Chicago, the early fall is a great time to engage in landscaping and hardscaping projects around your home.

Plant trees and shrubs during this season for optimal growth and to prepare for the cold winter months.

You should apply organic matter at this time as well. It helps build soil structure, creates a healthy environment for the trees and shrubs, and accelerates their growth.

Fall is also the perfect time to get your lawn in good shape by applying fall lawn care.

With these activities, you will ensure your landscape looks beautiful once springtime arrives.

Landscaping and hardscaping ideas for the winter landscaping season.

Winter in Chicago can definitely bring with it its share of challenges. However, when the snow melts, there is still plenty to do in your outdoor landscaping and hardscaping adventures.

Whether you have an expansive garden or minimal outdoor space, take advantage of the season by planning ahead for the warmer months.

Consider laying down some flagstone pathways around your garden, which can help keep the soil warm and enable your plants to come up a month earlier than expected.

Installing retaining walls also helps as it breaks up large areas that may otherwise become bogged down from thaws and freezing temperatures.

Finally, remember winter shrubs like holly that look great in wintertime and provide a nice contrast during the cold months for summer flowering perennials.

Sharpen your lawn mower blades while repairing any damage they may have taken throughout the summer to be ready to use again in the spring.

Taking these steps now will have you prepared and ready once spring arrives!

In Conclusion

When you live in Chicago and need to get your landscaping and hardscaping done before the season arrives, or you’re looking for inspiration to think of new project ideas, you can use this guide as a reference.

In the spring, you can freshen up your yard by planting colorful flowers or adding new features such as walkways and benches.

Summer brings on the opportunity to entertain with patios or outdoor fireplaces.

In the fall, you can prepare for the inevitable snow and windstorms by ensuring that trees are trimmed away from power lines and shrubs receive proper pruning.

Try covering exposed areas with mulch or seasonal decorations during wintertime.

No matter when it is, you can always do something with your outdoor space to make it dynamic and exciting.

Contact Seasonal Landscape Solutions today to get started.