Pick patio designs that you love and make it a reality in your outdoor living space.

Pick Patio Designs You Love

Your home should reflect who you are from your furniture choices to the color paint in each room, all the way to the details of your wall decor and decorative pillows. The same goes for your outdoor living space. If you are not an outdoorsy person, this can be a difficult concept to grasp. The outdoors may seem like a foreign planet at times; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Most people that prefer the indoors simply don’t like the ruggedness or bugs. With outdoor patio designs that suit your needs and desires, you can convert any “indoor person” to an “outdoor person” in a short amount of time.


It starts with the ideal patio designs that have great functionality and entertainment. Adding all the entertainment features can come later. You must first start with the foundation of a stable, durable and visually appealing patio to fulfill your needs.


Choosing The Right Surface In Your Patio Designs


Choosing your desired surface texture is the best place to start with your options of patio designs. You’ll want to consider what it’ll primarily be used for and who will be using it. If you want a dining area, wheelchair accessibility, or a living room vibe; it’s best to choose a material that is smooth, flat and even. However, you may want to steer clear from ultra-smooth materials that have the risk of becoming slippery when wet without a slip-resistant coating applied.


When you consider materials that are bumpy like rough cobblestones, you will not be able to entertain guests safely. People are more likely to trip due to the uneven heights, especially those with limited mobility (i.e. wheelchair, cane, or walker). Bluestone is a crowd favorite (and one of ours too) for versatile patio designs. Overall, think about how much use you want to get out of your patio and how you’ll be utilizing it. This will help you decide what materials are best for your outdoor living space.


Shapes, Sizes and Styles


There is great freedom in patio designs, no matter the amount of space you have to work with. If your home is on a slope, you could add a stairway and a retaining wall for safety with a splash of sophistication. When you have a smaller yard, it’s amazing what circular patio designs can do for you. A rounded design gives a Zen vibe to your outdoor space. Adding landscape edging can make your space look more spacious and finished.


If you are looking for a modern style, bigger stones or pavers are a common material used. If you want an old English, county vibe, bricks or smaller pavers can convey just that. There is an ideal material to create the style that you desire. Consult with a professional that has a 3D modeling option to show you what your outdoor living space could look like before you officially decide on anything. It’s amazing what designers can do with your yard from a list of adjectives that you provide, containing what you want your dream outdoor living space to feel or look like. In the end, make sure you love the design you see and the functionality it can give your yard.




There is a vast array of patio designs to gawk over on the internet. But, are any of them the best match for your space? Seasonal Landscape can help you find the perfect patio design that suits all your needs and desires. We provide exceptional service and have access to Unilock materials, which come with a lifetime warranty. Call us today to find out more!