Seasonal Landscape has a few tips on caring for your Unilock patio throughout the year.

Caring For Your Unilock Patio

When you purchase an appliance for your home, it is commonly seen as an investment. Investing in your home means proper maintenance is of the utmost importance. Those big ticket items are important to have for years to come, looking and functioning properly for as long as possible. This principle goes for anything inside or outside of your home. Especially when you have decided to invest in an Unilock brick paver patio. Caring for your Unilock patio is crucial for your home’s value too.


With Unilock, you know that you have chosen the best option for your outdoor space that is truly one in a million. They are a production of high level quality, and maintenance will only help your patio look as stunning as it did the day it was installed. No matter the weather, there are ways you are able to care for your strong and sophisticated Unilock patio.


Spring Cleaning


There are a few things you are capable of doing in the spring that prepares your patio for use in the sunny seasons. These simple actions can keep your Unilock patio in tip-top shape. Unilock has products and in depth tips on how to care for your patio through different situations such as general cleaning to removing grease and oil stains and more. Don’t forget to add your patio onto your spring cleaning list this year.


Here are a few steps that Unilock recommend taking as annual preventative measures:


  1. Inspect the perimeter of the project
  2. Inspect the surface for any deformations (dips)
  3. Inspect the surface for stains
  4. Consider sealing
  5. Applying joint sand


Fall and Winter Caring For Your Unilock Patio


When the weather starts to cool down, it’s best to prepare yourself for immediate winter (especially with how fickle Illinois weather can be). With the anticipation of snow approaching, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can really do for your Unilock patio over the winter months. There are several products that you should use for de-icing, and a few snow clearing recommendations to take note of.


When it comes to de-icing, Unilock products are salt resistant and excessive use of de-icing chemicals should be avoided. It is recommended to utilize calcium based products or rock salt (sodium chloride) for your patio de-icing needs. Unilock strongly states to avoid magnesium based products because it may cause damage to your concrete surface. With your snow clearing needs, Unilock recommends using a plastic shovel wherever possible, and to have plastic blade protectors on your snow plow or snow blower. The reason for this is because metal blades can scratch the surface, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid with these preventative maintenance tips.


If you have any further questions about caring for your Unilock patio, please call us today! We’d be happy to help you with any more tips and tricks we know to maintain your beautiful patio.