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Bluestone: What Is It & Why You Want It

When it comes to hardscaping, it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide what materials to use. What’s going to fulfill your needs? What material will look best? What design is more functional? The list goes on. If you are considering a pathway, walkway, patio, or steps, you will hear about the ever-desirable bluestone as a material of choice. It’s an extremely versatile stone that are typically used to enhance or create any landscaping theme. They are practical yet decorative, and we could go on and on about how much we adore our bluestone. You may be wondering what it is exactly and why you should want it so bad like everyone else. Well then, let’s cut to the chase. 


What Is Bluestone? 


Bluestone is a sedimentary sandstone found in New York and Pennsylvania, and a limestone from Shenandoah Valley. What a treat for us Americans! If you choose this stone, you won’t have to wait for overseas shipping (which can take forever and can cost you an arm and a leg). Both types of bluestone are commonly used as pavers in hardscapes. Designers and homeowners utilize this material because of its natural beauty and variety. It looks great with any home due to the variety in color and texture that is offered. Whether your home is painted, brick, or stucco, bluestone will highlight the outside of your home in the best way. 


Why You Want It


You want a stone that is durable and will last for years to come. Bluestone is just that, and a bit more! This natural stone can withstand all types of weather and temperature fluctuations, so you won’t have to worry about your patio in the icy winter or the steaming hot summer.  There are 5 color ranges you can choose from: earth tones of green and brown, gunmetal brown, blue/blue-grey, rust (results from iron), and lilac or lavender. Though it may be more expensive than manmade materials such as concrete or bricks, these stones are worth the investment. Because of the rough surface, it rarely gets slick or slipper. This is perfect for pool patios


If you are into a uniform look, bluestone is still a contender in material for your hardscaping. There is an option to create a smoother finished look by using denser varieties of bluestone that have gone through a spalling process. This results in thermal bluestone, which has a more uniform texture and color for your outdoor living needs. 


Bluestone has few fissures or cracks than other stone options, and it can be cut in large sections. The reason designers and architects love this stone is because of the variety it offers. If you are interested in learning more about this material as an option for your outdoor living needs, please call Seasonal Landscape today. We would be happy to discuss and design the outdoor space of your dreams!