Light fixtures on your structures provide safety, protection, and incredible memories outdoors.

3 Items To Consider When Picking Light Fixtures On Your Structures

What can take your outdoor living space from “a work in progress” to “a finished and polished look”? Or from “okay” to “breathtaking”? One of the details commonly overlooked that can accomplish that finished look are light fixtures on your structures. Lighting is not just for the walls on your home.


You can invest your time, thought, and energy into designing your overall look when it comes to light fixtures on your structures. However, it’s beneficial to consult a professional that has an eye for a cohesive look, knowledge in design, and the expertise with landscaping. You’ll be able to collaborate with your contractor, so that anything that you choose is what you want and love.


Outdoor Structures


Whether you have it or want it, your outdoor structures can have that breathtaking, completed look in the evening hours as much as the daytime. If you have an outdoor kitchen, wet bar, patio, pergola, gazebo, or attached/detached roof structure; proper lighting is critical for a multitude of reasons. First, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors utilizing your structures. You can enjoy drinks with friends, a dinner outdoors with family, or a night-cap after putting the kids to sleep. The memories you can create will be memorable when you have light fixtures on your structures. Second, your property will be safer since light is one of the first deterrents of break-ins, theft, and most criminal activities. You can relax when having celebrations in the night or have more peace of mind after everyone has gone to sleep for the night.


Types And Designs


After finding your ideal contractor, they should ask a series of questions regarding your taste in style and the needs that you have for your light fixtures on your structures. Depending on the outdoor structure you are lighting, you’ll have options on the placements of your lighting. You’ll have a choice in types of ceiling lights for any structure with a roof such as pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, attached/detached roof structures, etc. These pieces can accent the areas you have underneath those structures such as dining areas, outdoor kitchen, wet bar, etc. Having proper lighting for these areas will allow you and your family to be safe when cooking, eating, or entertaining in the evening hours. You can also opt for outdoor hanging lights, portable lanterns, or post lights. All of these decisions will be based on the structure that you have and the style design that you want.


You’ll need to choose what type of coloring you’ll want in illuminating your outdoor living space. There are various effects that damp-rated fixtures and wet-rated fixtures will have on the illumination to your property. Damp-rated fixtures can be used under cover. However, wet-rated fixtures can withstand direct exposure to the elements outdoors. You can also look into light fixtures on your structures such as retaining walls and pathways that lead to different areas in your space. You can find beautiful options to choose from for any style, look, or design.



It can be a daunting task in researching and finding the right options that will best serve your needs with light fixtures on your structures. When you consult with a professional, you’ll be able to know the full scope of what options are the best for your needs and design style. You won’t have to sacrifice on style, design, necessity, or anything else when you have an Unilock contractor on your side. As we are Unilock certified contractors, Seasonal Landscape is able to provide you with the latest technology and features out there. You’ll receive quality services and products with any project you’ve been wanting for your outdoor living space. Check out what we offer and make your own backyard what you’ve always wanted it to be!