Detached roof structures can be the perfect addition for your dream outdoor living space.

2 Tips For Gorgeous Detached Roof Structures

We love gorgeous detached roof structures that serve your household and family in a multitude of ways. If you are looking for an overhead architectural structure that is luxurious, elegant, simple, or modern; exploring the option of detached roof structures may be exactly what you need. They can act as a focal point in your space, serve as a larger outdoor kitchen or dining area, and provide your home with an outdoor living destination in your own backyard. If you are looking to enjoy your landscape more, then this is the hardscape feature for you.


What Are Detached Roof Structures? What Are The Real Benefits?


Detached roof structures are exactly what they sound like. They are stable structures with solid roofing that are not attached to the outside of your home. This could include structures such as pavilions and gazebos. While others may prefer an attached roof structure due to the “convenience” factor, there are benefits that detached roof structures provide that you can’t get from attached structures. You will be able to create a designated space on your property that is clearly separate from inside your home.


With detached roof structures, you’ll be able to receive more natural light within your home and in your outdoor feature. When you have an attached roof structure, you are obstructing the natural light pool coming inside of your home all year-round. You’ll be able to make any extensions on your home or outdoor structure easier than with an attached structure. There are more opportunities to enjoy your landscaping and delightfully meander through your space. Plus, you will immediately feel like you are being transported into your own oasis a few steps away from your door.


Oh, The Possibilities!


Whether you are looking for a simple, designated dining area or a complete, fully functioning outdoor kitchen; detached roof structures are full of possibilities. You could put this hardscape feature a few feet away from your home, in the middle of your property, or on the opposite corner of your property furthest away from your home. There are choices in style, materials, dimensions, location, and additional features to create your customized structure.


We thrive in designing detached roof structures that will serve your home, outdoor living space, and family best. You could have columns, stones, or pillars hold up your structure. There are possibilities by adding a fireplace, wet bar, weather-proof sound system, and more. You could add mood lighting in your detached roof structures and/or leading to the structure. The possibilities are endless with hardscape features like this one.




Adding hardscape features into your outdoor living space allows your family to spend more time outdoors. It also adds value to your home if you were to ever sell in the future. At Seasonal Landscape, we ensure that any feature like detached roof structures to your property will be designed and installed safely, professionally, and to your customization. We want our clients to be happy with the results for years to come. Call us today for more information regarding our offers and services!