Your attached roof structures can become your at-home oasis.

Attached Roof Structures Create The At-Home Oasis You Need

Are attached roof structures really all that they say they are? YES!


Some seasons seem to go by faster than others. In the Midwest, it can feel like winter is never ending. Spending the holidays indoors, snuggling in a warm blanket by the fire with a warm beverage is ideal. Once those holidays are over, you start dreaming of the day that spring will come. Winter and spring are great seasons to consider the features that will create your ultimate outdoor living space. If you are stuck inside the home and getting cabin-fever, research what hardscape features will best serve you property and family. Consider attached roof structures in your research time.


Why attached roof structures? There is something elegant, calm, and inviting about a transitional state into the outdoors. Whether you are aware of it or not, going from your air-conditioned home straight into the blinding, hot sunlight can be jarring. For those that typically don’t enjoy the outdoors, having a shaded space outside can get those friends out more often than not.


What Are Attached Roof Structures?


Attached roof structures are just that. Additional roofing that is attached to your home. They come in all shapes and sizes. There is a wide variety of styles and types of materials to choose from. If you have or are considering adding a patio to your space, one of the most common purposes of attached roof structures is as a patio cover. Some prefer a solid roof while others want more natural sunlight to spill in with a pergola style roof. You’ll want something that will fit your style as well as your home’s. Having an attached roof structure can add value to your home instantaneously (if done exceptionally well).


If you are unsure about what will serve your family’s needs best, consult with a professional to know your options. If you have a Unilock contractor, you’ll be guaranteed great service and a magnificent product in the end. They will be able to collaborate with you and recommend the most fitting attached roof structures for you to choose from.


Is This An Option For My Home?


To put it plainly, any and every home can benefit from having attached roof structures. Whether you want to utilize it for entertaining guests, outdoor family dinners, protecting from the sun while outside, or an easier transition from indoors to outdoors; you’ll be able to benefit from these in a multitude of ways. You’ll also be able to customize your structure from choosing the type of materials used to creating an ambiance with additional features included.


Attached roof structures protect your space from sun, rain, and other weather elements depending on choices. One of the luxurious ways to utilize your attached roof structure is by designing your outdoor kitchen underneath it. This way you’ll be able to cook outdoors, no matter the weather. You could add fans for cooling, lights for the evening, weatherproof sound systems, televisions/monitors, and so much more. The possibilities are endless for customizations. Just think you’ll be able to enter your own oasis right outside your backdoor.




With a beautiful patio, outdoor kitchen, custom swimming pool, and/or dining area; you’ll want to be protected from the elements somewhere in your own backyard. Attached roof structures supply you with just that. At Seasonal Landscape, we are Unilock certified contractors that provide excellent service and top-notch products. We have 3D landscaping software that allows you to see your property with added features before purchasing or breaking ground. It is our responsibility and pleasure to design and install features that will serve you and your family for years to come. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can get started on your dream outdoor living space today!