Your commercial snow plowing needs to be handled.

You Need Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services Now!

The first snowfall has already surprised us this winter. If you don’t have a company readily available for your snow and ice needs, this may be a good wake up call. It’s crucial for your business to continue as much as possible during the cold months. We always recommend setting up a commercial snow plowing and deicing contract over the summer months. However, we understand that sometimes life may have been busier than anticipated and you simply weren’t able to get around to it. Is it too late? Not necessarily, but it is essential that you find the right company and contract for your property’s needs ASAP.


Your Business


Without proper snow plowing or other treatments, your business and property can suffer greatly. You don’t want to put your property or organization at risk because you or your property manager failed to hire someone. Two of the biggest hindrances of snow and ice on a business is closing for the day(s) and/or accidents occurring on the property. These two hindrances are more costly and risky than anything during the winter. As a commercial business owner or in the business of property management, safety and security are naturally your top priorities. Employees, visitors, contractors, and customers should be safe on your site. In the unfortunate circumstance that someone is injured on your grounds due to the inability of proper snow removal or de-icing, you can be held responsible in a court of law. You could be paying a fortune in covering medical expenses, loss of wages, emotional trauma, etc.


What To Look For In A Snow Plowing Company


You’ll need to know what snow plowing and deicing services they offer. Start off by asking what services they provide and what they do not offer. Ask all of the necessary questions pertaining to your property specifically. Questions like:


  • Do they offer preventative snow and ice measures?
  • Are there things they suggest you do for preventative measures?
  • Do they snowplow and clear parking lots, entrances, and sidewalks?
  • Do they offer spraying deicers? If so, how good or bad are they for the pavement?
  • Is the snow removed completely from the property or pushed into a specific area?


Continue asking questions regarding what insurance they carry and about their timeliness with services (i.e. if they come during, after, or specific time frame from a snowfall or storm).


You’ll want a company that not only performs snow plowing and ice management; but a company that provides quality customer service, immediate results, reduce your liability nightmares, and more customers. At Seasonal Landscape, we can prepare you and your property properly during the winter months. We are dedicated and diligent with the services that we offer. Call us today for your commercial snow and ice removal needs!