what are the top outdoor kitchen addons?

On average, an outdoor kitchen costs about $13,000.

Whether you spend more or less than the average, it is not a small investment. If you’re going to be spending so much money on your outdoor kitchen, you should be sure it has what you want.

But what are your outdoor kitchen addon options? What kinds of things can be added to outdoor kitchens?

In this post, we’ll go over some of the most popular addons for outdoor kitchens, from a smoker to an outdoor fridge.

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Pizza Oven Outdoor Kitchen addon

Traditional wood-fired pizza ovens allow you to make authentic homemade pizzas. They can also be used to make other kinds of bread and even to roast meats.

They are great for entertaining, and you can easily build an entire event around using the pizza oven.

However, these ovens can take up a lot of your space and your budget. You may want to consider smaller, more cost-effective options like an electric or gas-powered pizza oven.


Smokers are great for meat lovers as they give your meat a more authentic smoky flavor. You can even choose different flavors of wood to use to create the smoke, which all leave a different taste on the meat.

They are another addition to an outdoor kitchen that you can create an event around. Your guests will love the delicious smoky flavor, and you will love getting to show off your smoking skills.


When you’re cooking outdoors on a grill, that’s rarely the only thing being cooked. Adding a side burner is a great option for cooking the other pieces of the meal. You’ll want it to be set a bit away from the grill itself so that you have room to maneuver a full-sized pot.

By including a separate side burner, you can keep all of the cooking in one place. This helps to eliminate extra trips in and out of the house, and by keeping all of the cooking together, you reduce the risk of burning your food, tripping and spilling it, and even the risk of a fire.


Installing a vent hood over your outdoor grill is important for maintaining the cleanliness, function, and comfort of your outdoor kitchen. In fact, in some places, zoning codes require outdoor kitchens to include proper ventilation by installing a vent hood.

These vents help to suck up extra heat, smoke, and odors away from you, your guests, and your other equipment. This makes a more enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. It also helps to get rid of fumes and grease that could damage or stain anything near it.

Vent hoods help to lower some of the risks of a fire and are especially important if you’re kitchen is under a covered patio or in a tightly enclosed space.


outdoor kitchen ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can be really useful in helping to cool off the air and keep it circulating, making even hot days more comfortable. They can also be helpful in keeping the bugs away.

If you live in an extra hot area, you may want to consider a misting fan. Ceiling fans and misters can make a big difference here and keep you from having to hide inside.

Of course, you’ll need a place to attach the fan. If you have a pergola covering your outdoor cooking area, you can attach the fan to it, but you may need to work with an electrician to be sure all of the wiring is done right. While you’re already consulting with an electrician, it’s a good time to go over your lighting options as well.


Trying to time everything to finish cooking at the same time is a skill that can take a lifetime to master. So if you haven’t mastered it yet, adding a warming drawer to your outdoor kitchen can be a great way to be sure everything is still warm when it’s time to eat.

These drawers can be set at high or low temperatures to keep your food at a consistent temperature. They can even be used for slow roasting if you run out of cooking room in your other appliances.

They are yet another piece of equipment that can help to eliminate unnecessary trips into the house.


By adding an outdoor fridge, you can always be sure that you’ll have access to cold drinks outside without having to worry about constantly buying or making ice or taking trips to the fridge in the house.

You can also store things like soft cheeses and cured meats in a small outdoor fridge, which is a great way to be sure you have appetizers and snacks on hand during a party.

Most outdoor fridges are only 3-6 cubic feet, so they don’t take up much space at all in your outdoor kitchen.


Thinking about all of the addons you want for your outdoor kitchen is one thing, actually planning and putting it together is another thing entirely. When it’s time to really move forward with your outdoor kitchen, you should consider consulting with a professional.

This can make the process run much smoother and can help to avoid frustrating costly mistakes. There are a lot of details and regulations you’ll need to pay attention to when creating your outdoor kitchen. Experts like those from will know all of these and can help you navigate.

They’ll be able to help guide decisions like if you want a granite countertop (spoiler alert, you probably do), what kind of grill suits your purposes best, and many other design options.


Having a beautiful outdoor kitchen is a dream for a lot of people. If you’re ready to make that dream a reality, consider some of these addons for outdoor kitchens. From a smoker to ceiling fans, there’s something for everyone.

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