A three seasons room might be the addition you've been looking for.

Why You Need A Three Seasons Room

The Midwest is a wonderfully odd place to live. Your experiences of all four seasons are not evenly spaced throughout the twelve months of the year. Depending on the year, you may have 7 to 8 months of colder weather. Plus each season is not guaranteed to be mild either. But what if you love spending time outdoors? What if you have some family members that enjoy the outdoors while others prefer to stay inside (due to their disgust for bugs or allergy season)? Or maybe you just want to expand your home’s square footage in an exciting way by adding an extra living space?


You may have heard of a screened-in porch, three seasons room, or an all seasons room as options to remedy those situations. Each one has it’s pros and cons. For instance, screened-in porches are the best option during nice weather. These are pretty popular in places closer to the equator. They’re not as usable for areas that experience lower temperatures. With all season rooms, you get year-round usability. The biggest downside to these rooms is the cost to construct them. A three seasons room is a great option for those that want to extend their living space for a majority of the year while adding square footage to their home.


What Is A Three Seasons Room Anyway?


Three seasons rooms vary in design, but they are fully enclosed on all sides. This means they can be used during spring, summer, and fall. Even though it doesn’t contain heating or air conditioning, you can add a ventless or electric fireplace during the cooler months. Most rooms are contained by glass, so that you have as much natural light pouring in as possible. You could even choose to install interchangeable glass and screen panels, which can be removed as needed to allow better airflow during those hotter months.


What Use Will I Really Get Out Of It?


To put it plainly, your limitations of utilizing a three seasons room are made by your imagination. If you planned an outdoor birthday party and suddenly it starts to rain, you won’t have a care in the world. Why? Because you can still experience the weather without it interfering with your plans or schedule. It could be the best option for your growing teens to make memories with their friends without being totally disconnected from you, your home, or the younger siblings. It can become the coziest book nook or a casual dining area for the family.


Here’s what we know to be true about three season rooms:


  • Add value to your home
  • Customize this new addition with ceiling fans, light fixtures, roofing options, etc.
  • Match the framing to the style of your home
  • Have a space for hobbies or quiet moments
  • A designated room for spending time with family and friends
  • Enjoy the outdoors without constantly shooing bugs away
  • More economical than all season rooms since there’s no heating or cooling system
  • Get more vitamin D throughout the year



If you have questions or are interested in your three seasons room options, please call Seasonal Landscape today. We delight in designing new spaces that you love and live in for decades to come.