3d landscape design

Plan for 2022 With Beautiful 3D Landscape Design

There’s seemingly no end of ways for even a minor mistake to ruin your next big landscaping project. From buying the wrong materials to messing up your measurements, many common mistakes happen during planning.

What if you could visualize your renovations ahead of time and avoid the guesswork? With 3D Landscape Design, you can see your landscaping plans rendered in virtual reality. Using computer-aided design software, a landscape architect can help you build your dream yard from the ground up.

Read on to learn how 3D design technology and a versed landscape architect can revolutionize your next landscaping project!

Fit a Designer Pool Onto Any Property

Perhaps you’re working on limited space but are still looking to install a pool in your yard. Luckily, you don’t need to worry; the process begins with taking measurements of your home and property. A landscape architect will render a 3D scale model to serve as the “canvas” for your project with the resulting data.

From here, you can carefully fit your new pool into your virtual yard. If your original idea doesn’t quite fit, or perhaps you’d like to add a gazebo to the yard as well, don’t fret! Alterations are seamless and quick, thanks to the specialized software designers use.

Have a larger home with more space to work with? All the better! With 3D design technology, you can try out any number of features on your new pool. From waterslides for classic summer fun to adjacent firepits with built-in seating for the fall, make your new pool into a social space for all seasons.

3D Landscape Design

Plot Paths and Lay Driveways With Ease

Are you pondering what to replace that old, ugly, cracked cement driveway with? With 3D rendering for property, you can easily lay a brand new driveway right over the old! Rather than having to compare stone or brick samples, a digital architect can easily swap out different materials and show you how they’d look on your property.

Maybe you’re looking to pair that gorgeous brick paver driveway with a matching walkway but have a hill to work around. With CAS software, your architect can not only get your path to your door but make it look fantastic as well. Try out different arrangements of retaining walls, planters, and put your house on a proper pedestal!

Try Out Different Appliances in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Designing a stunning outdoor kitchen is hard enough without having to worry about balancing form and function. Using 3D design software, you can easily compare how your top choices for grills would look with your desired countertops. Likewise, if you just like that outdoor minifridge too much, you can easily design a new countertop around it!

Worried about making sure you have enough outlets for your blender, Bluetooth speaker, and phone chargers? With 3D CAD software, your landscape architect and help you strategically place outlets where you need them. Additionally, they can help you ensure you have enough counter space for any appliances you might need.

If you’re a social butterfly who loves company, you could even try adding a bar/buffet! Pair your new bar with matching stools, as well as some outdoor tables to seat and serve plenty of guests. Thanks to the freedom and ease of modern design software, there’s no end to 3D design ideas you can try!

Walk Around Your Virtual Yard at Night, See it From Your Neighbor’s Yard

Take the attention to your home’s front-facing aesthetics a step further by designing your property around lightning conditions. Your virtual property can be shown at any time of day, allowing you to pick features and lighting to make your property truly stand out. There won’t be a time of day your property doesn’t look fabulous!

Thanks to 3D rendering for property, you can even take the perspective of passersby. View your virtual home from any angle, from the perspective of a car driving by to peering at your new pool from your neighbor’s back yard!

This versatility also applies to making revisions. See how your features look from every angle and fine tool everything from your driveway to your patio until it’s completely perfect.

Get a More Clear and Concise Estimate For Your Dream Garden

Maybe the vertical gardening trend caught your eye, and you’re wondering how much it would cost to add one to your property. Like materials, different plants have different costs; what looks good might actually be pretty expensive! 3D modeling eliminates the guesswork by letting you see what looks good within your price range.

Experimenting is as easy as picking what you’d like and having it rendered by your landscape architect! Everything that you decide, from the type of plant to the measurements of planters and walkways, is recorded within the program. Using the data from the 3D scale model of your property, your architect should have a much more accurate quote to provide you with.

Given the ease of editing, going over budget isn’t a hassle. Making your project affordable again could be as easy as deleting a few digital plants or swapping outdoor kitchen appliances for cheaper alternatives. Balancing aesthetics and price doesn’t mean you have to compromise!

Wondering What Else 3D Landscape Design Can do For You?

Whether you’re adding a new deck to your walkout or trying to fit a pool into limited space, 3D landscape design makes planning your garden renovation almost as easy as wondering “what if?” If you’re about to set out on your next project, don’t start without consulting a landscape architect who specializes in 3D design!

If you’re in Northern Illinois and you’re ready to start your next project, look no further than Seasonal Landscape Solutions. With over a decade in design experience, two decades in construction and paving, and well over two decades in landscaping, our team can help you through the process at every step along the way. Reach out to us today to get started!