Seasonal Landscape helps you find your ideal outdoor kitchen concept.

An Outdoor Kitchen Concept For You

There are an array of outdoor kitchen concepts floating out there on the internet. Thousands of beautiful photos of what you wish you could have, hate, love, and every other feeling in between. It can be a difficult process determining the best outdoor kitchen concept that works for you, your family, and the space you have available. Any use of your outdoor space should be customized and personalized. You should love the choices you’ve made, and you should utilize the space often because of you love it so much. Your outdoor kitchen is no different.


Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Concept


One overall important factor is the mood, style, feeling, vibe – whatever word you want to use – that you want to evoke in your outdoor kitchen. So, you could finally have your beachy feel, woodlands vibe, modern mood, or fresh style. There are plenty of options for appliances, large pieces, and materials that you will need to choose from. What truly sets up your style are colors and materials used to create your ideal outdoor kitchen. Let’s figure out what outdoor kitchen concepts can work for your future reality outdoor kitchen.


Gathering Place


We all know that person that loves to entertain. They are constantly hosting parties for their families members, friends, or even friend of a friend. You may be that person, and you want your outdoor living space to be another section of your home to entertain. A cooking area and a gathering place are must-haves for the entertainer.


You’ll have to decide between a grill, oven, stove, sink, mini-fridge, picking some or all of the above for your cooking area. Then a gathering place for your guests can either be a dining table, bar, or brick paver patio area with built-in (retaining wall style) or removable seating. The gathering place outdoor kitchen concept typically has some type of shaded area (i.e. pergola, pavilions, gazebos) and possibly fans to keep cool wind blowing on those hot, summer days.


The Beach Side Resort


If you are someone that likes to entertain for certain occasions but enjoys to spend time relaxing outside, then a beach-side resort feel may be for you. Depending on how much outdoor space you have, you could always go big with a luxurious poolside kitchen. Having a bar with a curved design that mimics your pool shape can truly create that outdoor kitchen concept of a beach side resort.


Warm stone keeps everything comfortable in the heat, and a dual-layered bar can provide more counter space and style. It’s time to cool down and relax with your yard-turned-resort outdoor kitchen.


Country Feels


With every outdoor kitchen concept, you must choose what appliances and large pieces you’ll actually utilize most. However, with country chic, woodland feels, or cabin vibes; your best material to use as an accent or throughout the entire outdoor kitchen is wood. Having darker woods can give a glamorous touch, but adding barn-style lights always gives that country, summer evening vibe. Some like to use reclaimed wood for their bar, countertops and base. An extensive patio and roof using wood and a tin roof gives ample outdoor space for those sweet summer nights with those that you love. A wraparound counter is commonly used for this outdoor kitchen concept. Adding vintage appliances or accent pieces complete your country look.