Here's how you make plans for a sustainable landscape for your property.

Perfect Plans For A Sustainable Landscape

Before deciding what plants and trees you want in your outdoor living space, you need to make plans for a sustainable landscape.


What exactly does that mean? Sustainable landscaping is when you practice the art and science of designing a space that offset negative environmental impacts, are low maintenance, and feature native plants that contribute to your local environment. This can take time to make appropriate plans for a sustainable landscape in your own yard. If you cannot commit to the time of researching, planning, and installing; take a few of our tips to heart and/or consult with a professional. You want a yard that is healthy, not breaking your bank, and absolutely stunning.


Plants & Soil


One of the first things you should do is research about your local climate – temperatures, rainfall, and weather patterns throughout the year. You’ll want to choose plants that can adapt quickly and sustain themselves (for the most part) within your local environment. Follow these three quick tips on how to prepare your plans for a sustainable landscape and help your outdoor living space in transition:


1. Replace Plants That Can’t Survive With Native Plants That Thrive:

When it comes to your plants, you’ll want to get rid of the ones that aren’t and will never thrive. It may be due to their need for excessive nurturing and/or they’re incompatible with your climate. Whatever the case may be, you need to use native plants and trees that can live off of the water supply (rain levels) that your local climate already provides. This will also attract bees and butterflies that help keep your plants and trees alive. You’ll be building into your environment rather than filling it with pesticides.


2. Layers And Tree Sizes:

Creating plans for a sustainable landscape, you’ll want to consider layering your plants and trees, which give birds a safe and lush environment. Birds are Mother Nature’s pest control team, and you need their help. Find trees and shrubbery that don’t require frequent trimming. It’s too much time, energy, and money to constantly trim your trees to stay within the confines of your yard. Be a good neighbor and a safe place for a manageable ecosystem to exist.


3. Aerate, Compost, and a High Mower:

You can always ditch grass altogether, and utilize ground cover, moss, turf, or a meadow lawn for no-mow or twice a year mow solutions. However, if you aren’t up for that, make plans for a sustainable landscape by aerating your lawn for water and nutrients to enter your soil. Try composting in order to keep soil healthy and moist throughout the year. By setting your mowing deck about 3.5 inches and only mowing the top ⅓ of your grass, you’ll maintain stronger roots and prevent soil erosion.


Water, Hardscaping & Other Features


There are various other plans for a sustainable landscape that you can create while saving you money. When it comes to rain and water, you can start getting creative in your overall outdoor living space design. By adding certain hardscaping, features, and/or habits, your dream yard will start coming together in no time.


For example, you can opt for decomposed granite or pea gravel walkways, which will reduce your rainwater runoff by being absorbent materials. If you clean up pet waste and lawn clippings immediately, you can keep your local water system in your yard clean. For irrigation and drainage, try utilizing sustainable piping such as recyclable HDPE pipes.


These are a few suggestions professionals may give you in making plans for a sustainable landscape. Pergolas, gazebos, and detached/attached roof structures can help or hurt your outdoor living space ecosystem. The best advice we can give is to consult with a professional when designing your ultimate, healthy sustainable landscaping. You want something that will work easily for you that your local environment can manage well.




Everything within your property lines should be cohesive in style and look as well as creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. It can be a challenge if you are not well-versed in such things, but this is why Seasonal Landscape is here. We are able to not only make professional recommendations that will benefit you, your land, and your pocket; but we have 3D landscape design software that assists you in seeing your dream outdoor living space before putting a penny down. We are Unilock contractors that design and install high quality products and services for every client.


From plans for a sustainable landscape to outdoor kitchens, or customized pools to outdoor lighting; it’s time to be the neighbor that has a jaw-dropping, gorgeous, and dreamy yard. Find out more about our services and products by calling us today!