3 reasons to choose brick paving over concrete slabs

3 Reasons to Choose Brick Paving Over Concrete

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We always have clients that are befuddled when trying to decide between concrete and brick paving for their driveways, patios, or walkways. You can find many opinions that create a laundry list of pros and cons for both, which makes our clients even more confused over time. Confusion makes some people feel overwhelmed and give up. This is not good for you or your home. So we are here to clear this debate up for you as best we can on why brick paving over concrete is best. By the way, we don’t recommend anything we don’t have of our own.

Cost of Brick Paving

When purchasing “big-ticket items” such as this, cost is extremely important when deciding the option right for you. Generally, concrete slabs are lower in cost when it comes to square footage. This is in regards to your initial installation of either your driveway, patio or walkway. Paving stones typically cost 10%-15% more than concrete when installing. However, if there is any mistake with the concrete slab, you could be looking at a complete reinstall of the project. This can effectively double your cost! With pavers, if you break a brick, it is a significantly smaller price to pay to replace.

Longevity of Pavers

WIth modern technology, concrete does not stand the test of time like brick paving does. This is one of the reasons why choosing brick paving over concrete is a more feasible and worthwhile choice. When it comes to future repairs, brick paving is easy to fix whereas concrete is complicated and costly. Overall, it is financially best over the years to invest in brick paving. Plus, with Seasonal Landscape Solutions, we warranty each job with a minimum of 10 years for repairs and maintenance. And all this value is extended to any new owners, so it also gives your home a higher resale value – BONUS!


We love creating a look that matches your style, desired mood, or continues the look outside of your home. On one hand, there are many color options with concrete slabs because they can be dyed; however, this color does not last long as they are manufactured colors. On the other hand, brick pavers do not have as many color options, but they last longer due to natural-coloring. One of the best parts about having brick paving over concrete is the long lasting beauty that you can utilize and benefit from for years. If you are considering doing work on your walkway, patio, or driveway; it is our professional recommendation to choose brick pavers.

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