Here's what you should look for in winter proof patio designs.

Find Your Ultimate Winter Proof Patio Designs

If you’re looking to create your dream outdoor living space, a picture-perfect patio is typically an element necessary to do so. When you’re searching for design ideas or styles of patios, you’ll find plenty of photos taken in the summer or spring months. Gorgeous backyards with elegant patios to compliment. But what happens during the colder seasons when it’s too cold to dip in your pool or throw a dinner party? The great news is that you don’t have to pack up your patio furniture when it starts to rain or snow. You can enjoy the outdoors with winter proof patio designs to protect you from the harsher elements. 

Winter Proof Patio Designs That Beat The Winter Blues: 

A Pop Of Color

There are various ways that winter proof patio designs can help you enjoy the outdoors year-round. Some are more simple ways while others may seem more complex. However, all of these ways can brighten up even the gloomiest of days. One of the simpler ways to beat the winter blues is by layering your patio with warm, cheerful, colorful accent pieces. Colors like orange, red, or yellow are common. You can also choose plaid fabric or one brightly toned color to grab your eye amongst the rest. Whether it’s pillows, couches, or coffee tables; your outdoor living space can start to feel cozy instantly. 

Warm Features To Protect You on winter proof patio designs

Living in the Midwest can make it difficult to delight in the winter months. However, by adding hardscape features that bring warmth to your outdoor living space, you will be living the dream in your outdoor space all year long. Having winter proof patio designs can mean you adding a roof, pergola or covering over your patio. This way you can still view the outdoors while remaining covered. It also gives you an opportunity to add fans, heaters, and/or water resistant speakers with outdoor sound for your entertainment. 

Get cozy and gather around your ideal warming unit. You can install a built in stone fire pit, pizza ovens, outdoor fireplace, or even outdoor space heaters to bring the heat from indoors to the outdoors. We install free standing or built in ceramic heaters too. This helps tremendously on those winter evenings. Don’t forget to add proper, quality seating that is placed effectively close to your heating elements. Some people purchase heated furniture to stay at maximum heating levels. No matter what heating features you choose, you’ll always need a good blanket to snuggle under for extra warmth. 


Winter proof patio designs can be difficult to find, but there are plenty of options to choose from to create your dream outdoor living space all year round. At Seasonal Landscape, our priority is to collaborate with our clients in designing beautiful, fully functioning and personalized spaces that fulfill their specific needs. If you are looking for winter proof patio designs, we would love to share our ideas and designs with you. Call us today for more information about our services!