Seasonal Landscape have 3 ways to get the bugs off and finally enjoy the outdoors

3 Ways To Get The Bugs Off

It’s that time of year again. Sun’s out, spending your days by the pool and nights by the fire pit, you can finally grill your favorite summer meals, and … BUGS! Over the summertime you’re excited to finally spend time outdoors, but living in the Midwest makes you wonder why you even bother. Those pests can ruin an entire evening you planned for yourself and your guests. Never fear! There are ways to get the bugs off, repel them and save your nights from constantly slapping or swatting around yourself. 


Your Landscape Matters


Here’s a little fact about what attracts annoying bugs: bugs love tall grass and weeds. In that case, it may be time to roll out that lawnmower and trim your lawn! Maintain a short and dry yard to avoid more bugs coming to your yard. Depending on what type of yard you have, here are some more ways to get the bugs off and enjoy the outdoors. 


If you have a patio, it’s best to keep it clean. Always clean up any spilled liquids and sweep up any crumbs that have fallen on your patio right away. You don’t want to create a feeding frenzy for uninvited guests like ants and other insects. 


If you are someone that enjoys gardening or having flowers, consider planting herbs and/or pest-deterrent flowers in your outdoor space. Herbs like garlic and rosemary repel biting insects. Planting a small lemongrass and chives garden can shoo away other bugs too. When it comes to flowers, marigolds can save you from mosquitoes and other stinging and/or biting bugs. Plant them around a designated area like your patio, or you can place a potted marigold container on an outdoor table for added protection. 


If you are unable to create and/or maintain this type of landscape, consider hiring someone else to do it for you. Seasonal Landscape knows exactly what your yard will need in order to minimize the bug infiltration you’ve been experiencing. 


Smoke Them Out 


For some odd reason, flying bugs don’t like smoke. Some speculate that they think there’s danger nearby so fly the other way. Others think that smoke confuses them so they just buzz off. Whatever the case may be, we know that smoke clears away the bugs. Take advantage of this in your ways to get the bugs off and enjoy the outdoors. Now, there’s a multitude of ways to create this mystical, repellent smoke. You can surround your yard, pool, or dining area with tiki torches. Another option that’s smaller in size, yet still effective are geraniol and citronella candles. A bonus of these candles is that they not only repel pesky bugs, but they also add ambiance to your outdoor living space. 


Create The Perfect Haven


You may be thinking, “But what if I have asthma and have terrible allergies to the flowers and herbs you recommended?” Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options for you! Maybe you don’t have allergies or asthma and still want the ultimate safe haven from bugs. Either case, it’s best to invest in a few things: lighting and physical protection. A bug lantern is a great place to start. They attract bugs into the light and zap them dead. If you don’t like the idea of listening to constant zaps or the fact that these contraptions attract bugs in the first place, then consider changing your outdoor lighting in general. Replacing your white bulbs with yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights can significantly drop the number of attracted bugs to your lot. If you truly despise bugs, then you should consider investing in nets around your dining or seating area, gazebos with screens, or a 3 seasons room. 


Are you interested in making some of these changes? If you want to learn more about what precautions you can take and ways to get the bugs off, contact Seasonal Landscape today. We can create hardscape or landscape solutions for any and all of your needs. It’s our privilege to design your dream outdoor living space.