Trex Decking

10 Essential Pros and Cons of Trex Decking

Trex decking holds a significant influence on how good your deck looks. Deciding if Trex decking is what you can be helped a lot by examining the pros and cons. Looking closer at what to expect from composite decks helps you know if you are ready for them.

You have to be able to make a profound decision after examining what Trex decking offers. If you can get Trex decking right, you have the potential to transform your space. With the growing demand for Trex decking materials, it’s impossible to miss information letting you know what to expect.

First Things First, Explaining the Fuss Behind Trex Decking

If you are considering getting a new deck, Trex deck, in particular, will do you good first to understand what it is. Trex composite decks are mostly plastic and wood combined to create an entirely new product.

Trex decks are products of recycling. To make the product, manufacturers go as far as buying tons of used polyethylene and hardwood sawdust to use.

The process of creating this product involves compression. It may include some chemical treatment here and there to ensure the production of the right things. Trex decks come with a 25-year warranty. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

7 Exclusive Pros of Trex Decking

You can relay the pros and cons of Trex decking to guide you towards making a decision. Among all the types of composite decks, Trex decks seem to be winning in terms of preference. Here is a list and closer look at the pros of Trex decking;

· Requires almost zero maintenance after installation

· Insect proof

· Eco-friendly

· Safe

· Available in a variety of colors

· High-Quality performance in all weather

· Significantly durable

Requires Almost Zero Maintenance after Installation

When it comes to decking, the aspect of maintenance is the primary factor that should influence your choice. You never have to worry about maintenance with Trex decking.

Unlike wood decking, Trex decking does not require any work that traditional decks would require. For instance, you don’t have to paint or stain it since its looks do not wear. Since you don’t have to maintain it, you don’t have to worry about paying for manual labor or materials to keep it.

To sum it up, Trex decking saves you time, money, and effort that you would customarily spend on maintenance. The only time maintenance is an issue is when you have to clean it, and even then, all you need is a bit of soapy water.


The manufacturing of Trex decking involves using recycled materials that would otherwise pollute the environment. Manufacturers use about 140000 recycled plastic bags to make 500 square feet of Trex deck.

Besides plastic bags, Trex decks are also about 95% sawdust. Looking at these optics, you will discover how it is that Trex decks are eco-friendly. Their production minimizes dumping and ensures maximum use of available wood, thus preventing cutting more trees.

The use of non-biodegradable and wood materials in this context often positively impacts the environment in the long run. Choosing to use composite decks also allows you to contribute to the effort of others to conserve the planet.

Significantly Durable

Trex decks eliminate the anxiety that your deck will start wearing out soon after installation. They come with 25-year guaranteed durability. It means that you will not notice any wearing out on your decks within that time.

Some of the common types of issues that may come with compressed deck material are splinters and warping. That’s not the case with Trex decks. If you feel uneasy about how long they last, you can perform some light maintenance work to put you at ease. Otherwise, they do pretty well on their own.

High-Quality Performance in All Weather

The last thing you want is to have a blazing deck, especially in the hot season. Installing a Trex deck ensures that you stay clear of this inconvenience. When appropriately and strategically installed, you will be amazed at how well it performs when the sun is out.

Trex decks are less susceptible to overheating and caging heat than other composite decks. Some Trex deck colors can reflect heat away. Perhaps the fact that Trex decks have wood material within also allows them to perform better in the sun.

When it rains, it does not get waterlogged since the kind of treatment it goes through during processing ensures it allows water to flow. It has all the markings of quality decking material.

No Splinters or Slipping

When constructing your deck from natural wood, one of the things that your contractors will warn you about is splinters and rot. These issues are likely to cause some form of injury to you.

That’s something you never have to worry about with Trex decking. The processes and materials during manufacturing ensure that the textures and infusions are top class.

Because of the plastic used in its manufacture, you’d think that is slippery. Manufacturers cure Trex decks to ensure enough friction even when wet to prevent slipping or rot.

Bug Proof

Since Trex decking is partly non biodegradable material, it means that insects cannot attack it. Also, the compression process used to make them eliminates spaces that insects could access and breed

You will never have to think about replacing your Trex deck due to insect damage. The fact that it’s insect-proof adds to their safety. Maintenances to get rid of termites and other insects that burrow decks are also out of the equation when you have Trex decks.

Available In A Variety of Colors

When looking to buy Trex decks, manufacturers confront you with at least 23 colors to choose from. Given that there are that many colossus variations available, you have the opportunity to customize your deck as you would like.

Manufacturers add colors during processing so that you don’t have to paint over your deck in the future. The available colors are in a way that fits with most landscape ideas, especially with the seasonal landscape.

You can count on the colors to last regardless of exposure to the elements. Access to the various colors allows you to choose while weighing on the kind of climate you live in.

Cons of Trex Decking that are worth considering

Just as there are good things about composite decks, you have to brace yourself for some Trex decking problems. Knowing what to expect regarding the issues ensures you are better prepared to handle them adequately. Below is a list of some issues that you can expect.

· High initial cost

· Limited availability

· They lack the elements of natural decks

High Initial Cost

Trex decks are the most popular form of composite decks. If you decide to get it, it only makes sense that it comes at a cost. You can’t afford to tighten up your budget if you choose to get Trex decks.

There are costs to be met with the content and materials it takes to get the finished product. That said, Trex decking costs are higher than that of natural wood.

Trex decks cost about $2500-65000 on average. When looking at the cost of Trex decks, you have to look at the expense of labor and other components that you might have to add to install your deck.

Other supplementing parts like fasteners also come at a high cost. You have to get them if you want to get a clean-finished deck. They are necessary to ensure the integrity of your deck.

It is Flammable

Highly flammable plastic is one of the components used to make a Trex deck. You can only use your patio for a limited number of activities for this reason. Hot oil alone can damage your composite deck.

Something like fire, on the other hand, could obsoletely obliterate your Trex deck. Ensuring that your Trex deck is in a position without direct sunlight or heat access can help. As much as Trex decks can remain accessible even in hot weather, they can still burn under the right conditions.

Limited Labour 

As much as Trex decks continue to gain popularity, there are still issues with labor supply. There are very few deck installation experts who know the correct way to install Trex decks and the right tools and materials to use.

In case you find yourself having to compromise quality labor to meet the deadline goals, you might end up regretting it. Before installation happens, you can do a background check on your deck expert’s deck installation qualifications to minimize unexpected inconveniences.

They Lack the Important Elements of Natural Decks

Trex decks are pretty attractive, especially since you find them available in various colors when it comes to appearance. The only thing is that you can’t get the same Feng shui that you get from wooden decks.

Another property that Trex decks miss is the lightness that you are likely to find in other decking materials. The materials used to make the terraces contribute to their nature. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you install a strong frame that will hold the deck in place for a long time.

Getting Ready To Accommodate Trex Decks

You have something to gain or lose from Trex decks. You will have to ask yourself if you are willing to make the compromises and get it or not. The benefits of a completed outdoor living space can also support your lifestyle and be a great financial investment. One thing that you can’t deny is that there is legitimacy in Trex decking popularity.

Consulting with your local decking professionals can help you make a decision. Remember that you get what you pay for, so do your due diligence before committing yourself.