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Top 4 Stunning Fire Pit Options

Imagine your friends and family all standing around a glowing and crackling fire, sharing good times and laughter. A fire pit is more than a backyard enhancement. It’s a place to gather. Are you looking to add a fire pit to your backyard? There are a variety of fire pit options to choose from. Below, we’ll teach you about all the different fire pits and what ones will work best for your taste and backyard setup.

What Are Your Fire Pit Options?

The type of fire pit you decide to go with will depend on your preference and the space you have in your backyard. Fire pits are made in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each of these fire pit options are made from diverse materials that can change the look and style of each landscape.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Stainless steel fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a fire ring, a pagoda, or a fire bowl, you can find all of these made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel can look nice, and it’s durable. You want to make sure you remove the ashes after every burn and try not to scratch your stainless steel fire pit to prevent rusting.

Fire Table

You’ve probably seen fire tables before. They look like a coffee table, but the center is a circular or rectangular area where your flames will emerge from.

Fire tables are usually much larger than other styles of fire pits, and they can be heavy, which makes them much more difficult to move. If you are looking for something more portable, this style is not for you.

Solo Stove

A solo stove is a wood-burning fire pit that is smokeless due to its design. These have become quite popular due to their simplicity. They come in multiple sizes and are relatively easy to move around as well.

fire pit options

Want a Custom Fire Pit?

If you consider your fire pit options and have decided you want something a little bit more custom, that is no problem! You want to consider a few things when going custom, and we’ve outlined them below.

A custom fire pit really is the way to go because you can tick all of your boxes and have it more integrated into the overall design of your backyard.


When figuring out the design of your custom fire pit you want, think about the type of materials you’d like it to be made from. A few of the typical fire pit materials you can choose from are copper, stainless steel, iron, and stone.

Each of these materials will have its own care instructions, so keep that in mind when choosing. If you’d prefer something that requires a little less maintenance, you may want to go with stone. If you’d like something that is easily moved? It might be a good idea to go with stainless steel.

Consider what your fire pit needs are, and make a decision based on that.


The other thing you need to think about when going custom is the type of fuel you’d like to burn. You have the option of a gas fire pit or a wood-burning fire pit.

Gas-powered fire pits can use propane or the natural gas source that your home has. This fire pit style turns on at the flip of a switch and allows you more control over your burn than you would get with wood. To hide the burners of your gas fire pit, people usually add a variety of stones or lava rocks. If you want a different style down the line, you can easily switch them out.

If you’d prefer the more traditional method of fuel, you can go for a wood-burning fire pit. Wood is cheap. It’s a little more natural and can evoke the feeling of an old-school campfire. The only downside to using firewood is that it can be much harder to get started, and this type of fire can smoke a ton.


The placement of your fire pit is essential for safety purposes. You want to ensure your fire pit is at a minimum of ten feet from any structures. Structures can include your house, other buildings, and trees.

Fire pits disperse a ton of heat; this is why you want to make sure you have set it up a reasonable distance away from anything that could get too warm beside it.

You never want to place your fire pit on grass or decking. There should always be a stone slab underneath your fire pit that extended out the side by a minimum of eighteen inches. This prevents whatever is underneath the fire pit from getting too hot.

Your fire pit should always be in the open air. Any fire pit in a covered area should have proper ventilation made by an expert. The reason for this is as the smoke from your fire pit rises, it can take embers with it, which can catch whatever is over top of your fire pit.

If you want a fire pit under a pergola or some other type of covered area, you should consider something fueled by gas.

What Type of Firepit Will You Choose?

We’ve discussed a ton of fire pit options here today, and if you are interested in a custom firepit all your own, why not reach out to us? We’ll be happy to take your call to discuss your firepit needs.

We also do custom landscaping! So, if you want more than just a fire pit but want to redesign your entire backyard, we can do that too.