A terraced retaining wall could create the ultimate outdoor living space if you live on a hill or steep slope.

The Transformation You Need: Terraced Retaining Wall

Is your home on a hilly terrain? Would you like to add value to your home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider a terraced retaining wall. It can beautify your outdoor living space and counteract soil erosion at the same time.


When you have steep slopes on your property, it can be a challenge. Some people aren’t sure what their options are for landscaping other than leaving it as is and hoping that torrential weather doesn’t damage anything. One of the best, feasible, and eye-catching options for hilly areas or steep slopes is installing a terraced retaining wall. They truly transform your outdoor living space from hopeless and avoidable to life-giving and functional.


What To Know About A Terraced Retaining Wall


Sometimes it can be tricky to make a 15-foot tall retaining wall not look like an enormous tower of stone; but it’s important to find professionals that know what they’re doing and can create a tasteful and appealing work of art in your own yard. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to put together an inspirational and one-of-a-kind terraced retaining wall to your home, aesthetics, utilizations, and personality.


Why a terraced retaining wall? Terracing breaks apart the giant wall-face into multiple smaller retaining walls that are staggering to each other. This is where creativity is manifested. You can choose a formal, modern style with straight edges in the terracing, or you can bring a more natural look by integrating curves. There are plenty of options with artistic design, and your end result can be stunning. You’ll finally go from having an eye-sore to having an eye-catching feature that brings life back into your outdoor living space.


The Dangers of DIY


Technically speaking, you can tackle any project in or outside your home on your own. The DIY route is an option, and there are plenty of landscaping features that you can do yourself. However, when it comes to planning and/or installing a DIY terraced retaining wall, you can quickly get yourself in a load of trouble. It’s the type of trouble that can cost you more money than hiring a professional to complete the project from start to finish.


A terraced retaining wall requires a great deal of planning, occasionally by a professional engineer, coupled with diligent and detail-oriented installation. You want to avoid the possibility of a rainstorm creating a bulge or completely collapsing your entire wall. For example, soil is heavy and gets heavier when soaking wet. A basic retaining wall, which is 4 feet tall and 15 feet long, could end up supporting up to 20 tons of soil pressure. This pressure of soil increases with every additional foot of height in a terraced retaining wall. Your wall and property will be damaged by a simple miscalculation in your plans. If your retaining walls are taller than 4 feet, it’s time to call the professionals to design and install a healthy, sturdy and fortified structure for your space outdoors.


At Seasonal Landscape, we thrive off of designing your dream outdoor living space and making it into a reality. For any style, need, or desire, it’s our priority to collaborate with you on creating the outdoor features you’ve always wanted. Call us today to get started on your terraced retaining wall and any additional information on our services!