Here's why you should schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer.

Schedule Your Commercial Snow Removal In The Summer

Summer is one of the most cherished seasons, whether it’s the beginning when all the kids are starting summer vacation or the end when they are getting ready to go back. It is the season full of family gatherings, block parties, vacations, stay-cations, and … the perfect time to schedule your commercial snow removal. We know it sounds crazy, but it’s truly the ideal time. But why would you schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer?


Reason #1: You are able to conduct a thorough assessment since the ground is not covered with snow.

Reason #2: You can secure the right equipment and materials needed for your property in advance.

Reason #3: You’ll have the opportunity to gather estimates, find the best deal and rest assured that you’ve created a trustworthy ice and snow management plan for the upcoming winter.


Who wouldn’t want to rest assured that they won’t have to worry or fret when the snow falls later in the year? When you schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer, you can have peace of mind in the winter. This also means you can stress less when you see the first snowfall.


Another perk is that you’ll be able to focus on the family or the business instead of calling around to find someone that will take care of your commercial snow removal needs last minute.


Safety For Employees and Customers


One of your top priorities when you own a business is the safety of your employees and/or customers. When you live in an area that has frequent unpredictable weather conditions, you have to plan in advance in order to assure safety for those employees and customers. This is why it’s in your best interest to schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer. You will be able to relax because you’ll know that everyone will be safe once they’ve entered your site. Plus, your business can function as usual. Your hours can remain the same, which means that your sales and profits can continue rather than come to a screeching halt.


If snow isn’t cleared rapidly, it creates a hazardous environment. This is especially true when freezing rain turns snow into ice. You will want to secure with your contractor that they are prepared to handle your property’s needs and have salt readily available for you. When you have found a contractor that you want to schedule for your commercial snow removal, we recommend that you ask for a guarantee that your site will receive the ice-melting products it needs. If they say yes, verify that they’ve secured the appropriate amount of materials for last winter. If they say yes again, that is the type of partner you want for your company.


The Best Deal For Dependable Service


If you own a business or site, you probably have the tendency to look for the best deal that’s also reliable. This can be a tricky feat to accomplish at times, but it’s not impossible! When you schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer, you’re more likely to find just what you need that will fit your budget. You don’t have to gather a bid from every contractor in your area. Narrow down your options to the handful that are well-equipped snow and ice removal companies with expertise and resources to back them up.


Spend time vetting them and get full property assessments from each. Ask them about their plan and back-up plan to service your site’s needs. A trustworthy and reliable snow and ice management plan will include identifying the following: potential liabilities on your property, equipment and resources to utilize during storms, and preventative measures to take prior to snow/ice conditions. This way you’ll find out which one can truly handle your commercial snow removal needs and have more time finding the most reliable one.


Whether you’re a snow bunny or a sweet summer child, when you schedule your commercial snow removal in the summer you reap countless benefits. Seasonal Landscape can help you get started! You deserve a solid snow and ice management plan, and we’re ready to serve you and your company’s landscape needs this winter. If you have any questions, call us today!