It's time to enjoy the sun or the evening breeze with the ultimate outdoor wet bar in your own backyard.

Start Designing The Ultimate Outdoor Wet Bar

Save time and energy of walking back in your home and back outdoors with your own beautiful outdoor wet bar.


Going on a retreat or vacation where there is an outdoor bar can feel like a dream come true. How can you even bring something like that back to your home? Is it even possible? Creating your own oasis can seem like an unfathomable task. However, it is possible within your budget and will make you feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard. Here’s your answer: a fully functional outdoor wet bar.


If you are someone that enjoys building and accomplishing projects around the house on your own in a DIY style, this is one project that should be done by professionals. When it comes to an outdoor wet bar, there are multiple moving parts that need expertise in various areas and exceptional knowledge in design. Why? To put it plainly, without experts on this project you could have a disaster on your hands in a matter of minutes.


Elements To Consider In Design Of Your Outdoor Wet Bar


What makes an outdoor wet bar? It is a multi-functional kitchen area created for entertaining guests with a space to prepare their beverages. The biggest key element in a wet bar is the sink. You’ll be able to clean or rinse glasses easily rather than going to your full kitchen to do so. When it comes to your outdoor wet bar, there are several elements to consider adding in your design. You can add a prep area for mixing cocktails or setting up hors d’oeuvre. Some even install taps with gutters below to catch and redirect any beer drippings. They can be as big or small as you want. There are terrific options when creating the design of your outdoor wet bar such as adding a refrigerator, outdoor entertainment and sound systems, storage areas, and more.


As with any hardscape or feature added to your landscape like an outdoor wet bar, you’ll be able to customize it with your contractor. It’s best to have a Unilock certified contractor on any and all of your projects. You’re guaranteed great service, wonderful materials, up-to-date techniques, and high-quality finished products that will last for years to come.


Classic Vs. Sophisticated


If you’re looking for a classic resort-style outdoor wet bar in your own backyard, the most popular design contains a stone circular bar with a conical tiled roof. Square tiles are an inexpensive material to utilize for your bar counter. With luxury in mind, you could go with stone countertops instead for your classic design. If you want to bring the classic tropical feel to your property, choose wood materials when creating your outdoor wet bar design. The wood is optimal for areas that don’t see heavy rains throughout the year.


A sophisticated outdoor wet bar may include a free-standing bar counter built under your trees. It can be connected to your outdoor kitchen, creating a space for you to cook meals for your friends and family, have a few people over for drinks, and anything in between. A French and Italian style bar contains pillars and a pergola acting as an attached roof structure to your home. Pergolas are a perfect addition to your outdoor wet bar, giving you shade that you need on those sunny days. Your bar will be elegant and sophisticated with crushed stone bar counters and accent colors and/or materials in your seating. Some have even created a breathtaking bar near their back door with a gazebo a few steps away.




The possibilities are endless with the design of your outdoor wet bar. You can have a classic or sophisticated design with a splash of tropical, French, Italian, etc. feel. There are also choices of modern or minimalist design if that’s what you’re more into or the style of your home. Adding an outdoor wet bar can add value to your home and create a space for more memories with your loved ones. As Unilock contractors, Seasonal Landscape provides you with 3D landscape design software and quality materials that will make the dreams for your outdoor living space come true. Call us today to find out more about what we offer, and let’s get started on making your dreams become reality!