Here are the features to consider when creating your pavilion designs.

3 Features For Dreamy Pavilion Designs

What goes into creating the ideal pavilion designs for your outdoor living space?

Spending time outside is precious. Appreciating the weather, day or night, is something Midwesterners do come the warmer months of the year. What if you didn’t have to wait for those warmer months? What if you could appreciate an outdoor living space even in some of those cooler months. One of the best additions to your outdoor living space that will do that is a luxurious pavilion. You can find breathtaking pavilion designs while perusing online, but can it be done on your property? The answer is a resounding yes! You simply need to know a few things moving forward in creating your dream outdoor living space with this feature. 


The Pavilion Designs You’ll Drool Over


Pavilions are a free-standing architectural structure. Some describe it as a house with no walls since it has a roof that provides you covering and protection from elements such as rain. If you’re looking for a shade structure, patio cover, or roof structure in your outdoor living space; a pavilion may be the best addition for your home. Other options include a gazebo or pergola, but pavilions offer something different. Pavilion designs often include a finished ceiling in order to add a fan, lighting, outdoor sound system/speakers, or support for entertainment units.


Whether you want to add all the bells and whistles or keep it simple, neighbors and visitors will drool over a pavilion designs that complement the details of your home. The elements that make up a pavilion are customizable. You can choose accent colors, stone similar to the makeup of your home, round columns, square pillars; whatever architectural details that will align with the style of your home. This will add an immense amount of value to your home in the future if you ever go on the market. 


Additional Features To Consider


For those chillier evening or fall days, some pavilion designs include outdoor heating units. You could choose an outdoor fireplace or overhead heaters to give you the warmth you deserve while enjoying the outdoors. With heating units of any sort, your pavilion can continue your family’s journey with creating memories throughout the seasons. If you’re looking to spruce up the elegance of pavilion designs, consider installing steps up to your pavilion. By doing so, your yard now has a showpiece that attracts the eye. This feature can complement the rest of your outdoor living space by possibly overlooking your pool, near your hot tub, or even the swing set where the kids play. 


The Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion 


One of the grandest ways to make use of your outdoor space is by creating an outdoor kitchen in your pavilion designs. Your outdoor kitchen can be completely functional (including a wet bar, built-in refrigerators, dry bar, granite countertops, grill, pizza oven, etc.) or simply be a dining area to gather outdoors for meals. This can complete your outdoor living space experience throughout the year. Soak in the fresh air before a meal, while you cook the meal, and when you eat a meal. It’s truly paradise in your own backyard. 




If you are looking for pavilion designs that catch the eye while giving your space more functionality, find yourself a contractor that is trustworthy and reliable. At Seasonal Landscape, you’ll be in safe hands as we are Unilock contractors that carry out your vision from start to finish. We expand your outdoor living space’s functionality with whatever feature you’re looking to include. With our 3D landscape design software, you’ll be able to see what everything will look like before breaking any ground. Call us about our services today, and let’s get started on making your dream outdoor living space come to life!