What is the best type of lumber for your wood deck? Here's our selection of options you can choose from.

Best Type Of Lumber For Your Wood Deck

We are living in the age of options. There’s always an array of restaurants to choose from for an evening out. If you want Italian, you could be debate between at least your top 4 choices. Even when it comes to paint nowadays. You’ll have to find not only the perfect color, but also the perfect shade. A single project or task can sometimes feel overwhelming because of the extensive list of options. Finding the best type of lumber for your wood deck is no different. 


When you want to add value to your home or spruce up a living space to create a better home life, you typically want the best of the best (for that reasonable price). Something that will last for years with manageable maintenance too. If you have always wanted a deck, sketching out your design, or finally deciding what day you’ll break ground; you’ll want the best type of lumber for your wood deck. And there are plenty of options out there! These options will fulfill your price range, maintenance desires, longevity needs, and personal aesthetics. The top three choices for wood decks are cedar, redwood, and Trex composite. 


Here’s what you should know about each type of lumber for your wood deck needs:



The Happy Medium: Cedar Deck 


Cedar is considered a soft wood and has a beautiful, natural look to it. One reason why it’s the best type of lumber for your wood deck is because it isn’t pumped full of chemical or preservatives. Plus it contains natural resistance to rot, decay or hungry insects. Depending on where you live in the country, cedar typically costs three times more than pressure-treated lumber. However, the closer you are to the West Coast, the cheaper it will be. When it comes to maintenance needs, every three to four years cedar requires an annual power washing and coat of finish. You will also have to apply a stain to maintain the wood’s natural color.


The Luxurious Type Of Lumber For Your Wood Deck: Redwood Deck 


Redwood is has several similarities to cedar. It has a tendency to be more expensive than cedar and the farther away from the West Coast you are. You will have to maintain it by applying (and reapplying) a sealer from time to time. Because of its natural stability, it resists warping and looks great longer than others. Like cedar, it contains natural resistance to rot, decay or hungry insects. Redwood has a more reddish tint, and is around 23% stronger than cedar. Supplies are dwindling though, so if you choose to go with redwood make sure that it will be used and appreciated thoroughly. 


The Easy-Going, Ever-Beautiful: Trex Composite Deck


Trex composite is a wonderful and easy alternative to wood decking. When it comes to maintenance, there is no need for sanding, staining, or painting. If you’re looking for hassle-free deck, this is the best type of lumber for your wood deck. This option is more durable, longer lasting, and does not rot, split, splinter or crack. Going with Trex composite is like getting all the natural beauty that wood has to offer, but with none of the work. You can also receive a lifetime warranty! It is one of our favorite materials to work with because of the gorgeous variety of colors you can choose from to complement your home. They look and feel great for years to come.



You may feel more confused on which lumber is the best for your deck needs. Seasonal Landscape can help you decide what is the best type of lumber for your wood deck. We are able to work around a budget while providing the most ideal and exceptional materials. It’s our priority to create the dream outdoor living space for you and your family. Call us today with any questions or projects you want completed.