Your outdoor living space deserves proper landscape lighting to highlight your features.

4 Things You Should Know About Landscape Lighting

After the sun goes down, does your home still have the same first-rate look? Your home may look beautiful and breathtaking in the sunlight, but it doesn’t deserve to disappear when nightfall approaches. Your outdoor living space needs proper landscape lighting that highlights your home’s architecture, hardscape features, and property lines. You can have your yard go from basically dim to beautifully lit. However, it can be tricky to figure out what exactly will create the right landscape lighting for your property.


You’ll need to know what you want to light in your yard, the types of lighting to choose from, and how to use the lighting to the best of your advantage. It can be an intimidating process to align all those elements for the perfect landscape lighting that suits your home.


What Should You Light In Your Yard?


Landscape lighting can highlight the beautiful elements in your yard. Before you purchase or even look at different light source options, you’ll want to identify the features on your property that you enjoy the most. You can even add drama to areas that may not receive as much attention during the day (i.e. a simple stone wall). Not only will you want to think about aesthetics, but you’ll need to consider functionality. If you have a pathway or stairs, you’ll want to ensure that those areas will be lit to avoid any potential injuries due to darkness.


One great tip that we often tell our clients is that the objective of landscape lighting is to only see the effect of the light, never the light source. There are certain exceptions to this tip (i.e. lighting a path), but it’s a great rule of thumb when creating you landscape lighting design.


Landscape Lighting Choices


There are various choices on landscape lighting fixtures. It can be overwhelming trying to pick what best suits you and your home. Finding a professional can alleviate the pressure or overwhelming feelings with their knowledge, expertise and recommendations based on your desires. If you can find a hardscape and landscape professional that has 3D landscape design tools, you can see your home with their suggestions without purchasing or installing any fixture.


The Ways You Can Utilize Landscape Lighting


Once you’ve narrowed down the list of features in your yard that you want to highlight and your desired lighting fixtures, it’s now time to figure out the best placement for your landscape lighting. There are different ways that you can use landscape lighting such as up lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, moon lighting, washing, and path lighting. Each way of lighting has a different feel and style.


The Benefits Of Your Outdoor Lighting


The greatest benefits from having exceptional landscape lighting around your home is increased safety and security for your land. One of the first aspects that deter break-ins or burglaries is outdoor lighting. The more landscape lighting that you have, the less likely someone is to break in or trespass. Depending on the size of your outdoor living space, it may be wise to invest in more outdoor lighting. No matter the size of your home or property, you’ll want to have more than just one porch light. Your safety and security are always worth it. Another benefit is using lights that are more technologically advanced. We use state of the art LED color changing lighting that connects to Bluetooth and WIFI capabilities. This creates low maintenance for you all year round, especially for those holiday decor days.





Consult with a professional on your landscape lighting choices. You want your outdoor living space to be beautiful and be recognized 24/7. Having proper lighting also has various benefits like warranting off thieves in the night. At Seasonal Landscape, we provide the best recommendations that we see fit based on your desires and needs. Our knowledge, expertise and experience allow us to collaborate exceptionally well with our clients and what they want. Call us today to find out more about what we offer!