Composite decking may be the perfect option for your outdoor living space.

2 Things To Know About Composite Decking

Will your yard be better off with composite decking? Yes!

If you’ve been waiting and dreaming of the perfect outdoor living space for your property, one of the best features to add is a deck. A feature like a deck can make your space feel either more open or intimate. Whether your space is big or small, narrow or round, flat or lumpy; you don’t have to have a specific type of property line to add one of these beauties in and reap the wonderful benefits. One of the trickiest parts with a deck is choosing the material that’s right for you, your space, and your family’s needs. Composite decking is a viable choice for those that desire a material with a long-life span and minor care necessary. 


What Is Composite Decking? 


Composite decking is simply an alternative choice to natural wood. It is composed of man-made boards that don’t rot, need staining, or even splinters. They’re truly idyllic for those with large families, small children around regularly, or for anyone that prefers to walk outdoors barefoot. You might be curious as to what materials make up composite decking. They are equal parts wood fiber and plastic that are then mixed with borate preservatives, pigments, and ultraviolet inhibitors.


The wood fibers typically come from mills and furniture factories; whereas the plastic is recycled, typically shredded polyethylene, from shopping bags and milk jugs. Who would’ve thought that those items would become part of a gorgeous and inviting gathering space like a deck? It’s amazing what we’ve been able to create in the last couple decades. 


Is It The Right Match For Your Needs? 


There are plenty of benefits in choosing composite decking for your backyard. Some being little to no maintenance, longer life span, a high recycled content rate, and more. There are multiple colors to choose from not only for your decking, but also railing systems. People love that composite materials fade only for their first few months in the sun, and then it stops over the course of its remaining life. They also come in longer boards (i.e. up to 20 feet) than most natural wood. The brands that supply the best materials in composite decking are Trex and TimberTech. Another wonderful aspect about composite decking is that there is great ease with installation. Due to that factor, your installation time needed from your contractors will be less than any natural wood decking. 


As with anything in life, there are cons that may sway your choice. With composite decking, there is a higher initial cost in this material choice. High-end composites can run similarly in price to tropical rain forest wood. However, you may be saving yourself money, time and a headache over time since there is little maintenance and an extended lifespan. There is a risk of scuffing from furniture and dog nails. Plus, with any hardwoods, the darker the color the quicker the heat remains on the wood. This makes it difficult to walk around barefoot. If you are looking for anything barefoot-friendly, consider a lighter color. Some composite decking mimics natural wood impressively while others clearly look man-made. Do your due-diligence and ask a professional for their opinion on what will aesthetically match with your vision.




With the composite decking becoming more popular over the last few decades, there are various brands and styles to choose from. Consult with a professional to discuss and narrow down the options that will best serve you and your home’s needs. At Seasonal Landscape, we utilize 3D landscape design software that can help you visualize styles, shapes, and countless other factors before purchasing any materials for your outdoor living space. We collaborate with our clients about what they want for their property, and simply make their dreams come true. Call us today to find out more about our services!