Attached versus detached roof structures are chosen on your personal preferences and size of property.

Attached Versus Detached Roof Structures: Beautiful & Right For You

Looking at your options for outdoor structure with a roof can be exhilarating and complicated. There are various factors that will play into your decision-making. One of the first and biggest choices you’ll have to decide is between attached versus detached roof structures. The great thing is that there are two elements that will really…

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What is landscape architecture? Here's what to know and why you should care.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

Have you ever gone on a vacation (or a staycation), walked outdoors somewhere and thought, “Wow, this place is beautiful”? You were most likely in a park, around monuments, streetscapes, or looking around in an outdoor public place. If you thought it was beautiful, it was because landscape architecture enhances the natural beauty of any…

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Seasonal Landscape can help you find the perfect retaining wall options for your space.

Spruce Up With A Retaining Wall

The idea of building your own DIY retaining wall may get you excited at first. But consider yourself warned because there is more than putting slabs down around those hilly areas in your yard. With DIY, you need to research, decide a reasonable budget, choose materials, design, and then starts the physical labor. When you…

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3D Landscape Design and Building by Seasonal Landscape Solutions

Unique Patio and Design Tips

To add character and function to your backyard, design and build a unique patio. With your family’s style, needs and space in mind, a professional contractor of patios will truly take your yard from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Decide on the optimum patio size first. Take into consideration your grade, but don’t let that…

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Paver Patios

If you’re going to hire paver installers for your Algonquin, Illinois home, you’re probably wondering how to separate the good from the bad. The durability of your landscape depends on the quality of installation, and hiring the right installation crew is just as important as picking the right materials. Our team at Seasonal Landscape Solutions…

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