Turn Unused Yard into Outdoor Living with a Professionally Installed Patio

Turn Unused Yard into Outdoor Living with a Professionally Installed Patio

The decision of whether or not to install a patio is easy: yes, you should! A patio contributes tons of value to your home, both in monetary cubside appeal and in the quality of your life spent outdoors. It turns low-trafficked, empty space in your yard into a unique, personalized place to relax, entertain, and enjoy. And depending on the amount of features, it can also be a quick addition, planned and built in a single season and ready to use sooner than you think.

Once you’ve realized that a patio is right for your yard, it’s time to consult with our experts. There are lots of considerations that a professional installer can walk you through.

  • Local Building and Safety Codes
    We’ll make sure your project conforms.
  • Topography
    Will your yard require leveling, retaining walls, or extra drainage? These are engineering issues that qualified professionals should address. Improperly installing a patio can lead to unsafe and unsightly conditions, especially here in northern Illinois with occasionally extreme weather. The locations of utilities like buried lines, wiring, and plumbing are also serious concerns.
  • Materials
    There is a wide range of materials suitable for patios, depending on the choices you’ve made about usage and location. Poured concrete; pavers made of concrete, brick, or stone; tiles; even recycled composites; all available in a range of colors, textures, and prices.
  • Maintenance and Durability
    Different materials require different amount of maintenance to remain aesthetically pleasing. Some types are recommended to be sealed after installation and then every few years afterward. Most require an at least season cleaning. We’ll let you know what fits your desired level of ongoing maintenance.
  • Aesthetics
    You’ll work with our in-house design team and architects to find the look that is right for your tastes and existing home. Your imagination meets reality with our 3D renderings of your home and yard. You’ll know your patio will be perfect because you’ll be able to see it yourself before a single brick is installed.

Seasonal Landscape Solutions are specialists with over 20 years of experience in hardscaping the outdoor living of homeowner’s dreams. Check out our patio Photo Gallery, then request a quote from us today. Let’s get started on your very own patio!

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