Start Outdoor Season Early


Start Outdoor Season early with the cool, crisp nights that spring brings many people extend their time spent outside by gathering around a gas fire pit or outdoor fireplace. While summer months may be too hot for a fire, the spring season is great for spending time outside. The Outdoor Great Room Company offers everything you need to create your own cozy outdoor room from furniture to fire pits to pergolas.

Pergolas can provide shelter from wind, sun, falling leaves, and even snow (hey, that fire pit will keep you warm!) We love pergolas for many reasons but the way they complete an outdoor room and tie everything together is our favorite.

Fire pits can be built directly into the patio, sunken or simply surrounded by a raised patio. Portable fire pits or fire bowls can also be installed right onto the surface of a patio.

Look for fire pits that are wood-burning or run on natural gas. Always be sure to check for the local fire codes and build your patio with fire pit to follow NFPA safety standards. Check with a professional contractor and choose the model and installation that works well for your yard.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the flames this season.

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