Rain, Rain Go Away! Record Rainfalls Mean Outdoor Projects May Be Delayed

Rain, Rain Go Away! Record Rainfalls Mean Outdoor Projects May Be Delayed

Spring/summer 2018 is shaping up to be even wetter than last year, when it was a deluge in the Chicago area with heavy rain and flash flooding in the northwest suburbs, according to the National Weather Service/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NWS/NOAA).

NWS/NOAA proclaimed May 2018 as the rainiest May on record and June as the wettest on record for Rockford, Illinois, where northwest suburban Chicago weather is recorded. In addition, there were record high temperatures in May. July 2018 promises even more heat waves.

  • Between May 27-29th, record highs in the upper 90s were reported at Chicago O’Hare.
  • On June 9, there were high rainfalls of 1.96 inches at Chicago O’Hare and 1.97 inches in Rockford.
  • In Rockford, these were June’s record rainfalls: June 15 – 2.59 inches, June 21-22 – 4.71 inches, June 27 – 2.2 inches fell!

This type of wet weather is intolerable for outdoor recreation, with lakes and rivers overflowing in addition to road closures because of flooding. It is also nearly impossible for construction workers, including landscaping or hardscaping crews, to get out and do their work.

Why Can’t Your Hardscaper Work?

Some reasons your hardscaper can’t get out and get the job done in this weather include:

  • The rain and humidity. Saturated soil is unworkable. The concrete that holds in driveway pavers and bricks for your brick patio will not set correctly in wet weather. The retaining wall you wanted put up, brick pavers, even the landscape lighting and any other landscape or hardscape projects just cannot be done in this hot, humid weather.
  • The wind. Gale force winds can be dangerous for landscapers working around trees.
  • Thunderstorms. As with any outdoor activity, thunderstorms bring dangerous lightning conditions for working.

Record rainfall and other weather put your landscaper in a tough position. The jobs they could not get to during the rainy season must be done when the weather cooperates.

Seasonal Landscape is out there in the northwest suburbs during this break in the rainy weather, completing the jobs as they can. We’ll always communicate the status of your outdoor project to you!


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