Patios and Walkways

When it comes to designing patios and walkways, you get a range of options to choose from. Depending on your preferences, you can go for one or all of the following options.

Block retaining wallsare useful for a variety of reasons, including controlling erosion and water drainage, removing a slope that is hard to mow, or for the levelling of an uneven patio area. These walls are also useful for complementing your patio or landscape and beautifying the garden space.

Seat walls help in adding extra seating area to your outdoor. Typically, these walls are low (less than 20”). Apart from providing seating, these walls also help in making the outdoor look more beautiful. Seat walls are ideal for gardens and backyard patios.

Built in grills enable your background for outdoor grilling, making them a perfect choice for cooking for your family or for hosting parties. There are numerous customization options available in built in grills that ensure the grills perfectly complement your outdoor.

Pergolas serve as a shaded area in the garden. Pergolas can be a shaded walkway or a sitting area featuring vertical pillars or posts. By combining shade and structure, pergolas can add a lot of beauty to the outdoor. Pergolas were a regular feature of Italian Renaissance gardens.

Gazebos also provide shelter or shade to a landscape. Unlike pergolas, which stand on pillars or posts, gazebos are free-standing structures and have a peaked roof. Typically, they are polygon with 6 to 8 sides. In addition to the roof, gazebos also have seats around their perimeter.

Brick ovens can be used for a variety of baking purposes, such as for baking pizzas, breads or apple pies. While it takes a few days to build a brick oven, it can several weeks for it to dry and be ready for use. The design of brick ovens can be customized to suit the outdoor.

These are some ideas for designing patios and walkways. Contact us to know more!

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