Natural Stone for Commercial Hardscapes

For most customers, getting from one point to another on a commercial property is quite simple. People don’t bother too much about the surface they are walking on as long as they are walking in the right direction. The only times people notice the surface is when it has some issues; the surface could be loose, slippery or even missing. You don’t want visitors on your commercial property to come across these issues. It is also important that your visitors should have no confusion about the path they need to take to reach a certain destination.

The material used in creating pathways plays a crucial role in ensuring their durability as well as providing clarity and ease-of-understanding for visitors. In an earlier article, we had looked at the use of clay pavers for hardscaping. In this article, we look at natural stone as a material for hardscaping surface.

Natural Stone for Hardscaping

Granite provides a safe and non-slippery surface, if left unpolished. Also, because of its natural color, granite is resistant to stains and does not fade. And not to forget, the biggest advantage of granite is its strength, which makes it highly durable. Being a natural stone, granite doesn’t deteriorate and can handle all types of weather.

Limestone is one of the hardest sedimentary rocks. This rough-looking natural stone is usually found in subtle gray and tan tones, in places such as the ocean floor. Limestone is a highly porous stone, and thus is slip resistant because it can easily absorb water.

Travertine is very similar to limestone when it comes to water absorption capabilities. This natural rock provides very good grip when walking. Travertine is particularly useful during the hot summers of Chicago because it can stay cool even under extreme heat. Also worth mentioning about travertine is its long lifetime; when maintained well, this material can last for years.

With years of experience in commercial hardscaping, Seasonal Landscapes can help you choose the most appropriate material for the surface of your commercial property.
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