Lighting Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Show Off Your Hard Work!

Lighting Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Show Off Your Hard Work!

Landscape lighting is a great way of enhancing the look of your home and yard after dark, making your yard more pleasant to relax in at night, and an attractive place for evening entertaining. If you’ve put the effort into making your yard attractive, landscape lighting will ensure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste once the sun goes down.


Homeowners install landscape lighting for a variety of reasons. Lighting can be used to illuminate steps and pathways for added safety, to highlight specific architectural details of your home, or to create a particular mood (from subdued or relaxed, to dramatic or formal) in your yard.

If you are thinking of installing landscape lighting as part of your overall landscape design, here are five ways you can use lighting to beautify your home and improve your landscape:

  • Pathway lights blaze a clear, bright walking path through your landscape while ensuring the safety of residents and visitors alike in the evening hours.
  • Patio lighting invites cheerful gatherings by adding practical light without sacrificing the evening atmosphere.
  • Uplighting carefully placed behind foundation shrubbery illuminates not only the shrubbery and your home’s façade, but also provides pathway lighting to increase safety and present a more welcoming appearance for evening visitors.
  • Poolside lighting yields a soft effect for your pool area, enabling safe evening use of the pool and unobtrusive visibility from the house. The new landscape lighting adds warm atmosphere to the pool area and enhances the safety of the deck and pool at night.
  • Recessed outdoor lights can be used to direct the eye to the movement of water in a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature.

Think of outdoor lighting as jewelry. Landscape lights can really make a home pop at night, but getting your lighting plan right can be tough.

A good landscape lighting contractor will approach each home as a blank canvas, considering the architectural details, landscape highlights and open spaces before crafting a lighting design that draws attention to the best aspects of all of these things. The results should leave your home’s outdoor areas more beautiful at night, safer for your family and more inviting for lingering and lounging outdoors into the evening and through the night!


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