Landscape Ideas to Transform your Backyard Patio and Entertaining Area


March Blog Post


Check out these Landscape Ideas to Transform your Backyard Patio and Entertaining Area.

Patios installed by a patio contractor are a great addition to any home. While that professionally-designed and installed patio is sure to look great and last for many years to come, patios are really just stone, concrete, or brick floors until you add your own finishing touches. Here are some great and surprisingly easy ways to transform your outdoor area into an outdoor haven.

Patios Can be an Easy Way to Get Away

An easy way to transform your patio is to make it an area that is separate from the rest of the yard. One patio idea is to install an arbor and use it as an entrance to your patio. For a stunning and natural-looking green oasis, consider building a pergola that will completely cover your patio. Pergolas are great structures for climbing vines, and with enough patience, you will eventually have a green canopy over your patio. Not only will it be a wonderfully-shaded spot for hot summer days, but it will also provide a feeling of complete solitude and privacy. Installing pergolas and arbors can easily be done as soon as the patio design and installation process has been completed.

Patios: Let There be Light

If you’re looking for great patio ideas, don’t overlook the difference a little light can make. Without light, patios are only suitable for the daytime, and that can really limit their use. Just think of all the late night cookouts and evening parties you’re missing out on. For a subdued look, try stringing some white string lights along arbors and bushes. For a fun look, try some Tiki torches or paper lanterns. And for special occasions, there is nothing more enchanting than real candles.

Patios: Provide Shade for Summer Days

If your patio is completely exposed to the elements, there will probably be many days during the summer that it will quite simply be too hot to use at all. All patios should contain at least a small area that contains some shade. Whether it’s an awning, umbrella, a tree, or a gazebo, introducing a shaded area into your patio is one of those patio ideas absolutely everybody will be thankful you incorporated into your patio design.

Patio Ideas: The Sky is the Limit

These are just a few patio ideas that will make your outdoor area more enjoyable and functional. Indeed, there are countless other ways to transform this area of your home, from installing an outdoor fireplace to designing and installing a complete outdoor kitchen. Contact us for some photos and design ideas to help you plan your perfect patio.

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