Holiday Lighting Tips

Holiday Lighting Tips

It’s that time of year again. Many of us will be headed out to the front of our homes in order to hang beautiful holiday lights in hopes of impressing our neighbors. Before stepping out into the cold to light up the block, however, there are a few things that we need to keep in mind.

Always Install Lighting Safely

If you need to climb to high areas to get your lights installed, always make sure that you’re using a steady ladder and never stand on the top rung or reach. Nails and tacks are not a good method of holding your lights in place. You can instead buy different kinds of holders that will work well without causing any sort of electrical hazard. When it’s time to go to work or turn in for the night, make sure to turn your lights off so that there won’t be any possibility of a fire.

Always Purchase Lights Labeled as Waterproof and Outdoor

Certain lights are designed strictly for indoor use, and you need lights that will be able to handle whatever weather conditions the outside of your home might face. Make sure that you’re using a grounded outlet to plug in your lights. Also, never go overboard with extension cords. Put up a beautiful display without becoming Clark Griswold.

Consider Lights and Colors That Will Look Best On and Around Your House

Try and find something that will go good with your landscape. If you have some sort of Nativity or other display in your yard, make sure that you choose a color scheme that will match the display.
Depending upon your home’s landscape and whatever focal points you might have, white lighting might be something that works for you. However, there is no question that red and green are always attractive to the eye.

Lighting Trees and Bushes is a Good Idea

Actually lighting up the entire landscape around your home will give the decorations an added kick! Consider lighting up trees and bushes around your front yard to brighten things up even more. If you are going to do this, though, make sure never to wrap lights on trees that might happen to be close to power lines. This could cause a hazard that you want to avoid.

Don’t Get In Over Your Head

While gigantic displays in the front of your home can be great, there is often a bit of a learning curve when it comes to successfully pulling such a thing off. If this is your first time hanging Holiday lights, start out small, put something simple together that looks good, and maybe try something a little bit bigger next year when you have more experience under your belt. Remember that what goes up must also come down!

Hire professionals!

Seasonal Landscape Solutions has done this before. Call us for a consultation on lighting your home, yard, or both! We’ll put together a display that will be the envy and the attraction of the neighboorhood — safely and professionally.




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