February 2016 Spring Guide to Planning.

February 2016 Spring Guide to Planning.

January is over and Spring in near. When the sun starts shining and the days get warmer, people start thinking about spring landscape project ideas. These landscape projects can be something simple like cleaning out the flower beds and raking the leaves. It can even be the yard that you always dreamed of – you know the one with a water park and a walkway paved with gold. Ok – maybe not that extreme, but not all landscape projects have to be dreams. Make it a reality and begin planning in the winter months.


Yes that is right – create a landscape design plan. Here are some questions to consider before starting the project.

How long will you be at the house? –This helps with budget and prioritizing phases of the landscape project.
How will you be using the space? – Entertainment? Family or pet friendly?
What is your style? Modern? Contemporary? Eclectic? Asian? Tropical?
What elements of landscape design do you want or need on your property? Hardscapes – Patio, walkways? Plantings? Outdoor living areas? Outdoor kitchens – Built-in grill? Fire Features – Fire Pit? Water features – Waterfalls, ponds? Pool? Deck? Putting green? Sports court – Basketball, tennis? The ideas can be endless…
Now you have some questions to guide you through the process of creating your landscape design plan. The next thing to think about is – Should you hire a landscape designer? Or do the design yourself?

There are benefits to working with a landscape designer. Their knowledge and experience can make the landscape design process run much smoother and quicker. Some landscape design and build companies have a specific design process. Landscape designers can take all of your big picture ideas and create a realistic plan that works with your budget and time. It can also help you make decisions on prioritizing your needs with the landscape project.

So now you know the first steps of creating a landscape design – What are your spring landscape ideas?

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