Enhance the Value (and Your Enjoyment) of Your Home with an Outdoor Living Space

Enhance the Value (and Your Enjoyment) of Your Home with an Outdoor Living Space

Designing a living and dining space in your yard is the perfect way to prolong the use of our precious warmer Illinois seasons while we have them! An outdoor entertainment space is also a sure-fire way to enhance the resale attractiveness of your home. Here are some factors to consider about an outdoor project and the value it will add to your property.

Length of stay in home

How long do you plan to live at this home? If it’s for the foreseeable future, personalizing the space with exactly what you want – like a brick pizza oven or a koi pond – will return your investment with your enjoyment many times over.

If you expect to move in a few years but still want to experience the outdoors right now, you may wish to consider features that are always popular with prospective buyers. Outdoor grills and fireplaces are features that will make your home stand above the other listings in the neighborhood.

Longevity and quality

This is an important issue! Don’t settle for cheap materials and shortcuts in installation. An outdoor space that can’t handle our extreme weather or ages poorly will require your time and more of your money in repairs and upkeep, especially if you’re looking to sell. Don’t waste your investment! Choose proven, durable materials and methods, built by professionals.

Coordinate with your exteriors

Work with our designers to plan an outdoor space that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior, not one that looks like it was thoughtlessly stuck on later. A yard that compliments the home is more aesthetically pleasing and will be appreciated by buyers even in the future.

Accent with landscaping

Again, consider your time frame. If you expect many years to happily work with an extensive garden or lush flowerbeds, we can help you with placement and installation. Otherwise, we can advise you on a selection low maintenance, hardy native trees and plants to green up and finish off your space – for maximum visual impact and minimum work.

For a real return on your investment, whether it’s in resale value or the hours you want to experience relaxing and entertaining outdoors, contact Seasonal Landscape Solutions. We’ve been serving the Northwest suburbs of Chicagoland for over 20 years. Our professional team will see you through your entire project, from consultation and 3D designs to construction and finished walkthroughs. Read more about our planning process here.

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