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In the Algonquin / Chicagoland suburban areas, patio ideas are most often highly structural. Landscaping is considered an art and patios are carefully thought out designs which are implemented exactly as planned.

Patios in the Chicago area are often hardscape designs rather than simply poured concrete slabs. The use of stone and pavers provides the ability to craft an exact shape for the structure and are often designed to include trees and ornamental shrubs that are already in place.

The patios are shaped by the hardscape in designs that are rectangular, square or round but are often complex plans that include multiple shapes or several circles used to form the architectural feature as a whole.

The careful placement of pavers provides the backdrop for the plantings that complete the visual canvas of a well-designed patio or outdoor living space.

When landscape planting Soil must often be amended to support roots of plants in a healthy way and foundation plantings most often strictly follow the lines of the hardscape. Here and there, the uniform foundation plants are highlighted by small garden areas of specimen plants such as annual flowering varieties.

The patios may be traditional outdoor areas adjacent to the back of the home or may be hardscape around an in ground pool with walkways leading from the home. Curved lines are the most popular choice for many patios in the Chicago area. Although the curve might appear freeform, closer inspection reveals the shapes are always carefully controlled and planned as part of the overall hardscape. In gardening, freeform indicates a shape that conforms to nature. Patios in the Chicago northwest suburbs most often are meant to look freeform but without the changing form we associate with nature.

Patios in Chicagoland often include an area for shelter from wind and rain common to the locale. Patio covers may be provided as a pergola structure or may be of weather resistant canvas as a retractable awning. When the patio includes a hot tub it is not unusual to find a small open structure built around the hot tub with canvas walls that can be unfurled to allow use of the hot tub in inclement weather.

For homeowners in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, patio ideas are often complex hardscape plans that add both value and usability when constructed on their property and become an extension of the living space of their home.

Seasonal Landscape Solutions May Article 2014


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