Beyond the Dream: It’s Not Too Late To Create Your Backyard Vision

Beyond the Dream: It’s Not Too Late To Create Your Backyard Vision

Ahhhh, the crisp fall air in upon us, harkening cool weather to come. But fall doesn’t mean the end of fun or even the waning of warm weather. So, extend your fun summer and have some backyard work done this fall!

A fire pit naturally warms cool fall evenings. A nice patio with chairs and other comfy seating lets you enjoy the fall colors. Have a grill —or covered kitchen—built and you can host barbeques well into autumn. An outdoor pizza oven lets you offer guests natural game-day fare. Being able to play outside in your own backyard feels great.

Fall is the perfect season— in more ways than one

The smell of smoldering leaves, the look ever-changing colors, the feel of the cooler air on your skin, the sound of children playing—fall is the best season of all. And surprise, the cooler weather in the northwest Chicago suburbs is the time that landscapers enjoy working outdoors! Take full advantage of this opportunity and schedule your backyard hardscaping this autumn.

Other advantages of having a backyard project done now

Not only will you be able to enjoy outdoor living well into late fall and early winter—think January thaw and those surprise warm days in February and March— you’ll have the project done by next summer, before others in your neighborhood. No rush of a construction project interrupting your spring or summer fun!

Have lighting installed so you can be ready for the holidays early, or witness the sparkle of backyard lights in the early morning illuminating fresh snow.

A patio, backyard kitchen, fire pit, pizza oven and other hardscaping not only extends your outdoor space and makes parties more fun, it also increases your home’s value considerably.

Dream, plan, and schedule your backyard project today

Seasonal Landscape Solutions is ready for your call to advise, help design, and create your backyard dream. Get your name on our busy schedule today. We’re conveniently located in Algonquin and have been creating great backyards all over Chicago’s northwest suburbs for over 20 years.

Don’t let your dream pass you by—schedule now.




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