Backyard Retreats By Seasonal Landscape Solutions

Backyard Retreats By Seasonal Landscape Solutions


The talented residential crew recently completed a beautiful backyard retreat in Barrington, Illinois; this project included a large hardscape installation that featured a kitchen, patio, bar area, outdoor girl, appliances, and counter tops.

This outdoor kitchen is perfect for outdoor entertaining and dining, whether you want a steak, cool beverage or to just relax.

This project also included beautiful plant material to add seasonal color and screening for this backyard retreat.

At Seasonal Landscape Solutions our Landscape Architects will draw up a specific design plan to show a visual of your property and proposed project to help in the planning process.

We also offer 3D imaging to help our customers visualize the project during the planning phase.

Patio ideas are most often highly structural. Landscaping is considered an art and patios are carefully thought out designs which are implemented exactly as planned.


Patios in the Chicago area are often hardscape designs rather than simply poured concrete slabs. The use of stone and pavers provides the ability to craft an exact shape for the structure and are often designed to include trees and ornamental shrubs that are already in place.

The careful placement of pavers provides the backdrop for the plantings that complete the visual canvas of a well-designed patio or outdoor living space.

By planning your backyard retreat early, we can not only have all of the work done in time for the warm weather, we won’t be rushed and you will receive all of the individual attention you and your project deserve!

If you need a backyard retreat, please call us at 847-652-8458 for a quote!

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